Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jenny Erikson A-Okay With Victoria Secret for 'Tween' Girls

The Internet is a big place and as much as you think you're on top of it, you're not. I'm reminded of this cold, hard fact with the story of "mommy blogger" Jenny Erikson, who I met a few years back when Robert Stacy McCain was in town for the Rose Bowl.

See Jenny's piece at Cafe Stir, "Victoria's Secret's New Teen Lingerie Is Something All Moms Should Be Happy About."

I guess that caused a backlash, because she's been on ABC News a number of times since that was published last month, as recently as yesterday morning, during Good Morning America. Here's an earlier segment of her interview:

And here's some of the online responses, "Outrage Grows Over Mom’s ‘Victoria’s Secret’ For Young Daughter," and "Mom Blogger Inspires Wrath of Nation Advocating Victoria’s Secret for Tweens."

And more television, at Inside Edition, "Uproar Over Mom Permitting Victoria's Secret Underwear For Daughter When She Becomes a Tween."

Jenny's a tea party conservative and I think her responses are pretty hip and knowledgeable. I don't have girls so I can't make an immediate parenting connection. Let's just say I won't be buying my youngest son Maxim Magazines for a few years yet. But my oldest boy is 17 now and he's pretty much on his own when it comes to this stuff. He'll be 18 next January, so the final legal decisions on all the big sexuality stuff will be out of my hands. I think Jenny's a good mom, and super involved. If an inner-city black woman had become an Internet sensation over this we'd be seeing outcries of RAAAAACISM from the deep benches of the radical left's victimology industry.