Monday, June 24, 2013

Bush Official Defends Obama on #NSA Scandal

That would be Marc Thiessen, who is interviewed by Lee Stranahan at Big Government:
Theissen has been a passionate defender of the NSA and the programs exposed by former contractor Edward Snowden. He believes that conservative critics of the NSA need to pause and reconsider their attacks. He points out the PRISM program that's been the subject of much controversy was put into place by the Bush Administration and has been widely mis-characterized.

In an exclusive interview, he told Breitbart News "Programs like this are the only thing we have to protect us from terror. There are three ways to stop terrorists from carrying out an attack: interrogation, infiltration and interception. We've stopped interrogations. Infiltration has proven incredibly hard with these groups. So we're left with interception; using information to try and keep the worst from happening."

Theissen's assessment of the importance of PRISM is blunt: "If we lose this, we're blind."

I agree with him completely.

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