Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Bwahaha!! Poor Widdle Wepsac3 Whines Hilariously: 'I'm the Victim! It's Me, I'm the Victim!'

OMG, this is the best.

Racist harassment troll Walter James Casper (the whiny little bitch) is now claiming he's the victim of harassment. Yeah, that oughta work. The lulz. They hurt. You can't make this stuff up. STOP. ROTFLMFAO!

I must be a really bad harasser, because Widdle Wepsac3, who now keeps a wee widdle clock counter at his harassment blog, completely missed me allegedly harassing him on Twitter. I gotta up my game, BHAHAHAHA!!

Wait! Wait!

He writes at his stupid troll rights blog, "43 days without a single obsessive attack from Dishonest Don..."

BWAHAHAHA!! Time to get back to school, loser. Math is hard! OMG that's hilarious. Such a dork.

Maybe subtract about ten days off of that, dork loser dirtbag. Folks know what you're all about: a sick harassment troll who needs some help:

Yeah, that twerp again. I replied:

ICYMI, the background's here, "Disgusting Troll Rights Harassment Blogger Continues Lying About Years-Long Campaign of Intimidation."

Widdle Whiny Wepsac3 wrote a widdle whiny post saying that old "Dishonest Don" is a bad, bad man. Meany old Donald is stalking Widdle Weppy! BWHAHAHA!


Everyone in their right mind knows that racist Walter James Casper III is one of the worst Internet trolls of all time. As Zilla wrote in 2011:
I almost feel sorry for that guy. Oh and if he's reading this, he should know that he may not comment at my blog unless he registers as a known troll & pays the toll.
Ha! Widdle Walter Weppy, the "known troll." That's perfect!

He stalks people all around online, attacks and torments them, AND THEN keeps a record of every single comment he makes --- because he knows he'll be banned like the ultimate asshole! It's true, it's true! He's got a comment blog called the "Immoderate Monk," which is a repository of all of Widdle Weppy Walter's deleted comments. Or it used to be, until he couldn't keep up with getting banned wherever he went on the Internet! OMG! BWAHAHAHA!!

Stop it! I'm busting a side here.

And he's the victim?!!

No, sorry. He's not. He's a projecting pathological liar who's the ringleader of a group of leftists trolls who tried to get me fired back in 2009. If this were Maryland he'd be criminally liable for stalking and harassment under that state's laws, just like his brother-from-another mother Bill Schmalfeldt.

And did I mention Widdle Whiny Walter Weppy is a buttfreak loser who even stalked Tania Gail all the way to her YouTube page? She told me that she warned Weppy she was gonna kick his ass. He's scared of her. Poor Weppy! The whiny little bitch! OMG I'm rolling on this! Tania's gonna kick his ass!

Anyway, I gotta stop laughing.

Robert Stacy McCain has more, and boy it hits really close to home for the racist troll rights harasser Walter James Casper III.

See, "Has Bill Schmalfeldt Forgotten?":
Persistently ignoring the wrongs he has committed, he makes accusations of wrongdoing against others as justifying further sadistic harassment of his chosen enemies.
Yes, because he's a victim!