Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Remembering Journalist Michael Hastings

Well, I don't want to speak ill of the dead, but this is the guy who shived Gen. Stanley McChrystal. And for that, the dude's now a martyr to the leftist antiwar stab-the-troops-in-the-back cause.

At KTLA Los Angeles, "Journalist Michael Hastings Dies in Fiery Hollywood Crash."

Also at Rolling Stone, "Michael Hastings, 'Rolling Stone' Contributor, Dead at 33," and Foreign Policy, "Michael Hastings, 1980-2013."

And a flashback to 2010, at the Other McCain, "Gen. McChrystal Relieved of Command."

In the great scheme of things, Michael Hastings may have cost the U.S. clear victory in Afghanistan. See Kimberly Kagan, at the Weekly Standard, "A Winnable War."

And from my report, "Pentagon Clears Gen. Stanley McChrystal After Rolling Stone Hit Job":
What a tragedy. Progressives stabbed McCrystal in the back. Progressives stabbed the people of Afghanistan in the back. Progressives stabbed our uniformed men and women in the back. And they're currently destroying our nation from within and without. As Andrew  [Breitbart] said to the Trumka-Obama hordes in Madison: "Go to Hell."