Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Supreme Court's Blockbuster Week Ahead

Well, it could be blockbuster, if the Court were to strike down affirmative action at the University of Texas, and especially if the Court were to uphold DOMA and Prop.8. But either way, the rulings expected this week will have deep political repercussions. And I'm not optimistic toward any big conservative rulings, especially with Anthony Kennedy likely to be the swing vote on some of these cases, but we'll see.

In any event, here's some analysis at the Los Angeles Times, "Supreme Court decisions test chief justice's moderate approach," and at the New York Times, "Supreme Court Weighs Cases Redefining Legal Equality."

I'll be doing some legal blogging throughout the week. I've been waiting over four years for some kinda resolution on Prop. 8, especially. Weird.

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