Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just 'Three Bored Teens'? No, It's 'Three Bored BLACK Teens' Who Gunned Down Australian Ballplayer 'For the Fun of It...'

None of the headlines lays it on the money. It's not just "three bored teens." It's "three bored black criminal barbarian teens" who mowed down Australian Christopher Lane for "the fun of it."

Depraved and disgusting. I'm outside of myself wanted to slap some sh*t into some people here.

Here's how this AP headline reads, "Police: Australian baseball player killed by 'bored' teens in Oklahoma."

And here's CNN's PC crap, "Police: Australian baseball player killed by Oklahoma teens -- just because."

At least the New York Post wasn't cowering from posting the photos of these criminal mf's.

See, "Photos surface of teens who 'shot college baseball player dead as he was jogging because they were bored'."

Black privilege assholes. The left's political correctness industry is killing this country --- and visitors to this country, literally.

Three Black Teens photo 1175064_10153155228985206_374976349_n_zpsd43a6339.jpg

Added: From the boards at Market Ticker, "What Race Are These Suspected Killers? Oops -- looks like the Australian media has identified them as 'If Obama had a son...'"

And linked by the Mad Jewess, "3 Black Racist Murderers Who Slaughtered Australian Baseball Player, Chris Lane, Identified."