Monday, July 28, 2014

100 Years Ago Today: Austria-Hungary Declares War on Serbia

When I was going to sleep last night, actually early this morning because it was after Midnight, I noticed it was July 28th, and I thought about that for second. One hundred years ago. Wasn't that the start of World War One? Then I googled it: July 28 1914. Nothing dramatic at the results, besides a few newspapers with WWI coverage.

Then this morning, after I got up and starting web surfing, I checked over at RealClearHistory for more. Seen there:

* Samuel Chi, "Top 10 Battles of World War I."
* David Reynolds, "How WWI Shaped Our World."
* Alan Taylor, "The Great War: A History in Photos."

Plus, commentary at Grim's Hall, "100 Years ago today..."

I'll have more blogging later...