Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Democrat Natalie Tenant Turns Out the Lights at the Obama White House: 'Where do they think their electricity comes from?'

From Chris Cillizza, at the Washington Post, "One of the most anti-Obama ads of the election is being run by a Democrat in West Virginia."

It's not easy being a Democrat in West Virginia these days. President Obama is deeply unpopular in the state -- thanks, at least in part, to his recent push to cut emissions at coal plants. Natalie Tennant, the party's longshot nominee for the state's open Senate seat knows it-- and in her first ad of the campaign she is doing everything she can to make clear she and Obama aren't too friendly...
And from Patricia Murphy, a the Daily Beast, "Red State Democrats Ditch Obama":
In West Virginia Senate candidate Natalie Tennant’s latest ad, she hits a switch, plunges the White House into darkness, and promises, “I’ll make sure President Obama gets the message” on the importance of the West Virginia coal industry to the rest to the rest of the country.

But what Tennant does not mention is that she is a Democrat running to replace retiring Sen. Jay Rockefeller, a detail probably best left unsaid in a state where President Obama’s latest approval rating was just 25 percent, the second-lowest of any state in the country...