Sunday, July 27, 2014

'Think Progress' — and Karoli LOL! — Punk'd by Parody Claiming Michele Bachmann Wants Illegals in 'Camps'

Boy, the leftist stooges at "Think Progress" -- and leftist loon Karoli lol! -- must have been really jonesin' for some dirt to smear Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. I mean look at their posts. They've got cut and paste from virtually the entire parody site KCTV7 News, as seen here: "MICHELE BACHMANN SUGGESTS LABOR CAMPS FOR IMMIGRANT CHILDREN."

And lol here's "Think Progress," where the idiots forgot to, you know, think: "CORRECTED: Bachmann And Migrant Children."

And at Crook and Liars (and Retards), "Crazy Eyes Bachmann Wants Central American Children Put In Indoctrination Camps (UPDATED)."

Karoli even had a Memeorandum thread to broadcast teh stupid.

And as Jonah Goldberg noted earlier, that's some correction lol: