Thursday, July 31, 2014

VIDEO: Obama's IRS Targeted Pro-Israel Groups for Harassment, Denial of Tax-Exempt Status

At Jihad Watch, "IRS and Obama State Department conferred about ways to deny tax-exempt status to pro-Israel groups":

Obama ought to be impeached for this alone. He has turned the United States government into an instrument to punish his political enemies, and shows in this particular incident how deeply he hates Israel and how ardently he supports the “Palestinian” jihad. Obama and the Left seem bent on destroying what was one of the great achievements of the United States: the continued existence of a loyal political opposition that was not subject to violence or oppression, but allowed to operate freely and accorded respect, as it accorded the same respect to the majority. Those days are over. There is a single perspective that is allowed in the mainstream media, the educational system, and the entertainment industry, and now Obama has gone one step beyond that and endeavored to make a group’s legal privileges subject to its submission to his political line. Dark days, indeed.
Keep reading. Robert quotes the Wall Street Journal's editorial at length, "The IRS's Foreign Policy."