Sunday, July 27, 2014

Dana Bar-on: Hamas 'Has Found a Way Into Our Homes Now...'

The Israeli Defense Forces, a week or so back, killed 10 Hamas terrorists who had infiltrated into Israel through tunnels built under the kibbutz at Nir Am, located near the border at Gaza in Southern Israel.

The Jerusalem Post reports, "WATCH: 10 terrorists killed attempting to infiltrate Israel through tunnel." Also at the Times of Israel, "Israeli southern border towns empty, adjust to tunnel threats":
Earlier this week 10 Gaza terrorists dressed in Israeli army uniforms popped out of the ground less than a mile (1.6 kilometers) away. They killed four Israeli soldiers before an airstrike killed them, preventing them from moving deeper into the country.

Most of Nir Am’s 350 residents had already been relocated to safer areas in central and northern Israel, as happened in two previous wars with Hamas terrorists in Gaza, kibbutz spokesman Ofer Liberman said. Those remaining were shocked as Israeli troops entered the agricultural community in full combat gear fearing that gunmen had sneaked inside.
At the video, Dana Bar-on, who lives at Mir Am, shares her experiences and feelings --- and note especially how she's heartbroken at the civilian casualties in Gaza. She cries. But she explains that she loves the IDF --- who are friends and brothers and uncles --- as they always try to protect civilian lives, while protecting Israeli citizens from the Hamas terrorists burrowing below, attempting to murder the Jews in their homes.

A riveting clip, especially the second half, so stay with it, via Elder of Ziyon, "Saving Dana Bar-on."