Monday, July 28, 2014

Michelle Nunn Campaign Strategy Memo

Well, this is interesting.

At the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "Embarrassing leaked campaign memo spells out Nunn's strategies, vulnerabilities."

And at National Review, which first reported on the memo, "Michelle Nunn’s Campaign Plan." A Scribd version of the memo is at the link. (Via Memeorandum.)

William Jacobson has an analysis, at Legal Insurrection, "Michelle Nunn’s Campaign Plan is “Confidential, Proprietary,” and 100% on the Internet."

Michelle Nunn is a terrible candidate. And her opponent David Perdue is a very formidable Republican who comes from a respected family with a long line of political experience and elected office.

And Michelle Nunn is supposed to be one of the Democrats' best shots to pick up a Republican-held seat? Good luck with that.