Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Video of #UCLA Flooding: Up to 20 Million Gallons Spilled, No Injuries; Pauley Pavilion Court Ruined

RT has some really dramatic footage, "Flood surge soaks UCLA: 93-yr old pipe rupture unleashes 50ft geyser."

And from CBS News KCAL Los Angeles, "As new video continues to come in of Tuesday's massive flood at UCLA, a new picture is painted of what it was like to be amidst the millions of gallons of water":

Also, "Work Continues to Fix Street, Broken Water Main Near UCLA"; "Pauley Pavilion May Be Ready For Basketball Season After Flood Damage"; and "More Than 900 Cars Stuck In UCLA Parking Structures After Westwood Water Main Break."

That third report linked indicates that up to 20 million gallons of water may have spilled, almost twice the estimates from last night's report embedded above.