Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Cuck Conservatives Flock to the Progressives

Remember my post from the other day, "Louise Mensch Implores Me to Come Back to the Light."

I pretty much made my case for Trump at the post, but to reiterate the main point: My vote this November is a vote against the left, and to add to it, those so-called conservative "#NeverTrump" goons are frankly working to get Hillary elected, which would be essentially a third term for Obama.

If you're conservative, you're certainly not going to vote for the Democrats.

In any case, see Bill Quick's post, "Vox Day Eviscerates Andrew Klavan":
Vox Popoli: Conservatism in ruins:
It very much looks to me right now as if Trump is going to lose this election on pure incompetence and mean spirit. That might actually make it easier for conservatives to regroup in the ruins of the Republican Party. If he wins, we may need a new party of our own. But whichever way things go, I think we need to open a discussion about how conservatives can not only remain conservative but also win elections in modern America.

Is he even watching the political conventions? This sort of wishful thinking is why no one should bother paying any attention to a cuckservative like Klavan now or in the future. Conservatism is dying. Its diseased remnants are flocking to the progressives, as we always knew they would. And we watch them go with dry eyes and a grim smile, because we don’t need a bunch of useless cucks and moderates who were always happier shooting at their own side than the enemy.
I have never been a conservative. I will never be a conservative. I am delighted to see the conservative movement crumbling into dust. Conservatives conserve nothing, accomplish nothing, and stand for nothing. They will not defend the Church, they will not defend America, and they will not defend the West.

The Alt Right will. Join us, if you have the steel.

I gave up on the formal “conservative” movement a while back, when I realized that Hot Air was an apt name for what almost all of them were spouting, and than almost none of those politicians they supported ever had any intention of winning the war for America that the Leftists and other Democrats were waging on them...
Still more.