Sunday, July 31, 2016

Rania Khalek Interviews Seattle Socialist Kshama Sawant (VIDEO)

Lots of thoughts watching this interview.

For one thing, both of these women talk a freakin' mile a minute! It's kind of funny, especially since speaking that fast isn't necessary at all in a 15-minute interview for alternative media. Just slow down people, heh.

More substantially, though, would this lady Sawant, who's an out-and-out Marxist (I've blogged about her here), have supported Bernie Sanders as the Democrat Party nominee had he won the primaries? She's railing and railing against the two-party corporate hegemony of the Democrats and the Republicans, who represent the "ruling class," but had Sanders become the Democrat standard-bearer would that ideological principle have gone out the window at the moment of political opportunity? I mean, as it is Hillary's practically endorsing all the things Sawant's taking about --- single-payer health care, open-borders amnesty, anti-police "brutality" legislation, and what not. Never mind that Hillary's indeed beholden to Wall Street (corporate power is more and more leftist power these days, a sort of progressive corporatism). No, I expect it's not so much an "independent party" that Sawant all about. She wants a national political party to embrace the label of socialism unapologetically. The Democrats are almost there, actually. Their only roadblock to coming out full Marxist is the American people. Leftists still have to win elections. And when you start to over to flyover country the interests of the progressive urban elites are about as far away as you can get.

It's going to be interesting going forward, that's for sure. If Hillary wins Democrats will argue that Obama's election in '08 was the beginning of a long-term realignment founded on the coalition of transformation (minorities, younger people, and coastal elites). And she'll be emboldened to shed the mask of moderation and fully embrace the Alinskyite Marxism that's her true ideological pedigree.

More on this stuff throughout the campaign. As I always say, this elections about genuinely preserving the American republic. If the Democrats win, America's really going to see that fundamental transformation Obama promised. Hillary's going to be Obama's third term.

In any case, here's the interview: