Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Europe's Terror Storm

At WSJ, "François Hollande declares war on Islamic State. Does he mean it?"

I think he wants to mean it. But rescinding the call to strip citizenship from convicted jihadists belies resolve.

But from the editorial:
The proper response to Islamic State is to go on swift and decisive offense, beginning with the eradication of its strongholds in Syria, Iraq and Libya. Mr. Hollande may have declared war on Islamic State, but so far the fight has been more symbolic than strategic. Unless that changes, Tuesday’s attack in Normandy will merely be one more of many horrors to come.
Read the whole thing.

It sounds like WSJ's editors aren't sold on the need for a strong domestic surveillance state apparatus. But it's not that on the home front. France isn't clueless, or lacking the administrative apparatus. The jihadist, Adel Kermiche, had long been known to authorities and was being monitored with an ankle bracelet. He was captured in Turkey trying to make it to Syria to join the Islamic State. He served time behind bars. France should've deported the fucker. That's the problem. Too many Muslims in France. Yeah, destroy Islamic State, but don't neglect the enemy within. Get rid of the vermin.