Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Michael Ramirez on the Normandy Jihad Attack

Here, "Normandy Church Attack 07-26-16":

Once again, the vile and wretched refuse of mankind have attacked the innocent.

Our prayers go out for the families of Father Jacques Hamel, and the nun who is fighting for her life. We pray. Our prayers go out for the people of ​France and for people everywhere who have fallen victim to these heinous acts of terror.

The terrorists who continue to commit these brutal acts, attacking an 84 year old priest and a nun, demonstrate what they truly are, cowards, who prey on the weak, helpless and defenseless.

As I have written before, these tragedies expose "those who subvert religion to justify brutal acts of barbarity. Only when the world can see these animals for what they truly are will the world unite against these emissaries of death and destruction."

But before you can go after evil, you must define it. It goes by many names; ISIS, ISIL, lone wolf, DAESH... but they all share one thing in common, the celebration of death in the name of radical Islam.

We pray for those who have been touched by terror.