Tuesday, July 26, 2016

One of the Normandy Jihadists Tried to Go to Syria

More on the slaughter of of the innocent French priest.

At WSJ, "French Say One of Priest’s Killers Had Tried to Go to Syria":
The two attackers were killed by police upon exiting the church. Prosecutors said one of them was Adel Kermiche, a young man who was under court order to wear an electronic bracelet after trying to travel to Syria.

Kermiche, a 19-year-old who was born and raised in France, was detained in Turkey in 2015 while trying to reach Islamic State’s stronghold in northern Syria, French authorities said. He was ordered to wear the bracelet in March after French prosecutors placed him under investigation on preliminary terrorism charges.

Henria Bayouki, 19, a friend who attended summer camp with Kermiche, said she spoke to his family, who confirmed he was one of the attackers.

The knife-wielding men, one of whom was carrying fake explosives, entered the 16th-century stone church in this Normandy town and took five hostages, including Rev. Jacques Hamel, the parish’s 85-year-old auxiliary priest.

A nun who fled the scene told French TV she saw the attackers force Father Hamel to kneel before cutting his throat. The attackers recorded the attack and “did a sort of sermon around the altar in Arabic,” she said.

Another person knifed in the church was in stable condition, a prosecutor said.

Police surrounded the church and shot and killed the two men as they exited the building, the spokesman said.

Islamic State said via its media arm, the Amaq news agency, that the attack was carried out by two of its “soldiers” without providing evidence of any direct links to the attackers.

French President François Hollande said the attackers had sworn allegiance to the extremist group.

“We are faced with a group that has declared war on us,” Mr. Hollande said after rushing to the scene.

The gruesome nature of the attack—and the fact that it was carried out in a Catholic church in a predominantly Catholic country—provoked outrage across France, fueling calls for a broader crackdown on Muslim radicals.

“A new low has been reached,” said Marine Le Pen, leader of the anti-immigration National Front party. “The heart of our nation’s cultural identity has been intentionally struck.”

Authorities were also grappling with the possibility of another breakdown in France’s security apparatus as they investigated Kermiche’s involvement in this latest attack...
My prediction is that things do not get better. We will see more jihad terror in France.

And also, Marine Le Pen will make the runoff in the French presidential election next year. I'd like to say she'll be elected, but even that remains an unknown. Leftists would do anything to sabotage a so-called "far-right nationalist" from coming to power.

Sadly, it's a true nationalist that France needs as its savoir, far-right or not.