Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Democracy for America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee Throw Alan Grayson Under the Bus!


Following-up from yesterday, "Alan Grayson Threatens to Have Reporter Arrested After Question About Domestic Abuse Allegations."

He better go easy on those threats. He's not going to have any support on the progressive left, lol.

At WSJ, "Liberal Groups Withdraw Support for Florida Senate Candidate Following Abuse Allegations":
Two prominent liberal groups withdrew their endorsements of Rep. Alan Grayson in the Democratic primary for a U.S. Senate seat in Florida after his ex-wife disclosed police reports containing allegations of domestic abuse on Tuesday.

Democracy for America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee said in a joint statement that they were withdrawing their support for Mr. Grayson, the first rescission of an endorsement in the history of either group, after Mr. Grayson’s ex-wife released police reports to Politico alleging the lawmaker had abused her in a series of incidents from 1994 to 2014.

Copies of the police reports couldn’t immediately be independently obtained. A lawyer for Mr. Grayson said the reports were authentic, but didn’t accurately reflect what had occurred.

“This is more of the same nonsense and untrue allegations that we’ve heard for years,” Mark NeJame, an attorney representing Mr. Grayson, said Tuesday.

Mrs. Grayson wasn’t available for comment...
He's a bully and a blowhard. I hope he chokes on his own tears.