Friday, July 29, 2016

LBGT Group 'First Lady Bill' Seeks Hillary's Election to Destroy the 'Gender Binary'

Here's a real LGBT group on Facebook, First Lady Bill.

Now, I get it. Homosexuals are all into gender fluidity and what not. But by grotesquely feminizing Bill Clinton into the "First Lady," that means Hillary's a man. So, homosexuals want to negate the genuinely historic achievement of the first woman nominated on a major party ticket, and of course possibly the first woman elected president.

These people aren't just bizarre, they're freakin' insane.

According to the group's website:

Hillary's campaign is all about breaking barriers...

Barriers that keep women stuck being paid less than men - for the exact same work. Barriers that have transgender people being targeted for discrimination in bathrooms across the country (this pisses us off). Barriers to equality that make it still legal in most states to fire people simply for being LGBT. Now, more than ever, we need a president who can break down gender discrimination barriers that hold back equality for all Americans. That's why we're with her!

Sexist, homophobic and transphobic gender "rules" are a drag. And what better way to highlight the "herstoric" importance of putting a woman in the White House than having fun with her husband in drag as "First Lady"? We're all about making voters grin and putting a little more "party" in our political party. “Bill for First Lady” is a can’t-help-but-smile way to say “Hillary for president!"

Why was the idea of a woman president once considered absurd? Why is a man in a dress now thought by many to be somehow demeaning? Rigid gender rules have shoved generations of Americans in boxes - from women being excluded from "men's" jobs (and forbidden from wearing pants), to boys being told they can't wear dresses, to a woman being denied the right to marry another woman, to transgender and intersex people being forced to conform to one side or the other of an arbitrary gender binary and punished violently by society for simply being themselves. The fight for trans, lesbian, gay, bi and women's equality is the fight against society's gender police from dictating to anybody who they can be and how they should live or dress based on other people's idea of their gender. Hillary's campaign is breaking the ultimate glass ceiling by putting a woman in the White House. The campaign is using this herstoric moment in history to break down other oppressive expectations about gender. A woman president? Hell yeah. A character that's a straight cisgendered former president with hairy legs in high heels? Why the hell not? If we are truly to be a "free country" that also means when it comes to gender that there are NO rules - except to let people be who they are and hold no one back. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

With a focus on creating youthful viral videos, catchy campaign memes and sharable social media content, as well as live "Bill" campaign events in cities and on college campuses across the nation, PAC (Political Action Committee) is a strategic effort to move, motivate and inspire younger voters to get involved. As a Federal Election Commission (FEC) officially registered independent expenditure committee, PAC's campaign is independent, and it does not make contributions to, or coordinate its spending with, any candidates or political parties in accordance with federal elections law.

We're using humor and heart to help make history. Join the campaign!
Look, this is classic hard-left boilerplate cultural Marxism. We need to tear down all differences in gender to make America truly free and equal.

Folks already know the unending stream of nightmares this movement's already caused, from "gender neutral" bathrooms to "trans girls" (really boys) competing in girls' athletic competition (violating girls' and women's right to equal protection of the law). I've blogged this considerably already, but frankly the most egregious stories are still coming to light.

So if Hillary's election really is all about breaking down the "gender binary," then that's all the more reason to reject her and the Democrat Party's coalition of reprobates and sexual freaks.