Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Was Bill Clinton 'Never Sexually Attracted' to Hillary?

Ann Althouse watched the convention on C-SPAN last night, and I guess she waited until this moment to blog her thoughts about it.

See, "Maybe watching the convention on C-SPAN isn't such a good idea":
The main thing last night — other than the ritual of the roll call (the cut-short ritual) — was a speech from Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was allowed to do his thing and talk and talk and talk. He went last and so: let Bill be Bill. Some people find him charming. But even those of us who do drift into when-will-it-end mode eventually or we've fallen asleep. Bill's idea for the speech was just to tell the story of his half century of life alongside of Hillary — tell it as if it's the most charming, beautiful tale of a guy from Arkansas who somehow got to weave his story together with the most hard-working do-gooder who ever appeared on Earth.

At Meadhouse, the feed got paused a few times to make comments about his failure to mention how he cheated on her time and again over the decades and how (we think) he's still doing it now. Was he never sexually attracted to her? Did they have an agreement about it and, if so, was it just don't let the public see what you are doing? These were topics of conversation during one of our many pauses.
Oh, he was attracted to her, it's just that Hillary alone wasn't enough to satiate his desires. Bill Clinton's a man of insatiable desires, heh.