Thursday, July 28, 2016

Francesca Valle Threatens Workplace Harassment Over a Facebook Post

Here's the thread from yesterday, which prompted this private message, which I just read moments ago:
Hey Donald.

I wanted to reach out and share some perspective. Yesterday, after you jumped on my thread w your psudeo [sic] insults, unsolicited and unwelcomed, you were criticized by both me and some other FB members. You then proceeded to tag me in a thread you posted on your page, further belittling me and attempting to stir the pot. I didn't really bite. And apparently, no one else did either. I've looked at the results of that behavior this morning and garnered this outcome. My "blathering" picked up a decent amount of traction. My post was shared half a dozen times and I've had a couple folks direct message me w encouragement to ignore your seemingly overt and rude behavior. Your post got one like. That's it. One. No shares. No commentary. And obviously, little agreement. So, my question is why all this energy towards such a minuscule outcome? Why piss in my yard? I have done nothing but spread a message of peace and love. Would you behave that way w someone like, I don't know, Pope Francis (one of my role models)? I feel you cause more damage for your cause than good.

Furthermore, I am sure I won't be the first to take such an action, but I have screen shot this incident and am going to write LBCC asking what their policy is on public decorum for professors. I truly feel it inappropriate for you to behave in such a way, publicly, as a man who is responsible for teaching young minds appropriate and responsible discourse in politics. I assume they must be aware already of such indiscretion, but perhaps if enough people bring it to their attention, it will make a difference. You, like me, are an educator. And I would expect more maturity and thoughtfulness.

I've attempted to be friendly and work towards civil discourse. I've defended you in the past. Yesterday was disappointing, to say the least. I wish you well. And I hope you find peace sooner than later. I haven't blocked you because I don't feel that accomplishes much in the grand scheme of things. In fact, I believe your behavior yesterday worked in my favor. The age of the bully is coming to a close. Though if you are an avid watcher of fox news, I can imagine you may feel differently. I hope you find some more effective means of leading and making change. In the meantime, may you enjoy your freedoms and privileges as much as I do mine.

Good luck.

Francesca Valle
Vocalist/ Coach / Music Producer / Multi-Instrumentalist / Artist & Singer ... Musician, Teacher at California Music Studios and Owner at Bugbyte Studios
Lives in San Diego, California 

My response:
You are a child, Francesca. Clearly, you measure your worth by "likes," "shares," and "friends" on social media. I feel sad for you. I will put your threats in a blog post right now, and I'll contact my attorney. You wouldn't be the first to threaten my livelihood for the HORRIBLE act of sharing my opinion. If you've followed my writing online you'd know that leftists have been trying to get me fired for years for my views, which are politically incorrect to totalitarian leftists. You're just the latest illiberal stooge, and not a very original one at that. The college won't bat an eye about my private, free-speech activities, but knock yourself out. I know you want to feel superior. Just know that you are most certainly not, since efforts to harass those of different opinions are the height of intolerance and "bullying." Oh, and "peace," since that's the uber cool progressive way to blow off bullies (like you) who ultimately aren't worth the time.