Friday, October 24, 2008

Ashley Todd Hoax Theory: Backward B?

UPDATE: Ashley Todd admits her story's a fraud, "McCain Volunteer Admits Maiming Attack a Hoax."


Ace of Spades updates the Ashley Todd backward "B" hoax theory:


This speculation is silly.

Others have made this point, but
Devil's Advocate at Copious Dissent took the simple step of turning the picture upside down to graphically demonstrate how ridiculous it is to keep talking about the backwards B.

There are so many sensible explanations for this that to cry "hoax" over this one point is silly.
Allahpundit notes that Ms. Todd has now taken a polygraph, but authorities have not released the results:

Why not release the details of the polygraph? If she passed it, it’s mighty irresponsible to suppress that information while whispering to the press about “inconsistencies” in her story.
The local CBS news-video report from Pittsburgh is here.

See also, "Words Fail: McCain Backer Maimed by Pro-Obama Attacker."

More later...