Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Way Hotter in Person": Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live

Sarah Palin did Saturday Night Live:

I normally put aside partisanship for Saturday Night, but considering we have less than three weeks before the election, John Hinderaker makes a good point:

It's a mistake, I'm afraid. It's not that I lack confidence in Governor Palin; I don't. But I think it's almost always a mistake to visit an enemy's home turf without a clear understanding that you are among enemies.

The Saturday Night Live people are Democrats. That's all there is to it, and they will never give Sarah Palin, or any other Republican, a fair shake. Palin is, of course, more than a match for them in a fair fight. But for a fight to be fair, it must first be acknowledged that it's a fight. That won't happen tonight, and it will be almost a miracle if Palin gains from the exposure.
And don't miss Hindrocket's discussion of President Gerald Ford's experience as a guest on SNL.

Ben Smith adds this:
A reader notes the most striking feature [of the broadcast]: The Obama ads in the breaks pounding McCain. One is a new one focused on women's issues. The other nicely dovetails with Tina Fey's riff on angry McCain.
I'm going go easy here and suggest that perhaps Palin might have made some inroads with young independent viewers.

That said, it's good comedy, and I'll bet she really is hotter in person!