Monday, October 20, 2008

Damn, That Liberal Press!

Mike's America assured me some time back that relentless attacks on my blog by the nihilist leftosphere were a "badge of honor."

It seems I must have really earned that "badge" this past couple of days, as I'm a target of two - back-to-back! - posts at LGM (
here and here), as well as another I just found from the lower 9th-tier blog, The Poorman.

The best one, of course, is the photoshop of me as a masterbating "clown" blogger, posted in response to my essay on Proposition 8 and
this photo of two lesbians kissing, which I found at the "choice cunts!" nightlife page of New York's libertine Village Voice.

Of course, the LGM crowd thought I had a porno collection on my pc, so when regular LGM reader, Fauxmaxbaer, remarked here in the comments, "Teh hot!," I thought that pretty much summed up Dave Noon's perverted readership:

Looks like Fauxmaxbaer, one of your regular readers, is doing some one-handed blog surfing:


I'm sure all of your LGM readers - Lesbians, Gays, and Marriage? - will be right at home.
A direct hit, no doubt, which triggered LGM's desperate comeback today, hoping to land a knockout against my Michelle Obama "lobster snack" post.

Well, the fun thing about blogging is that sometimes the best smears, even when short of facts, hit close to home neverthless. And that's why I began my post noting:

Michelle Obama is said to have ordered lobster appetizers, two whole steamed lobsters, Iranian caviar, and French champagne while hanging out at the Waldorf-Astoria during a trip to New York with her husband, Barack, aka "The One."
Notice the "is said" verb qualifier, which reflects the eyebrow-raising nature of the source, New York Magazine, which noted this:

Michelle Obama ordered lobster apps, two whole steamed lobsters, Iranian caviar, and Champagne at the Waldorf Wednesday afternoon when she was there with O for a meeting.
Now, while perhaps you can't trust the gossip blogs at liberal New York magazines, no doubt David Noon and his followers will be checking the Village Voice "choice cunts!" page next time they're in the city!

Village Voice

Hey, all in a day's work, and I'm glad I could be of help.