Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama's Matter-of-Fact Radicalism

John McCain went after Barack Obama's redistributionism on the campaign trail today:

John Hinderaker at Power Line suggests McCain doesn't quite capture Obama's "matter-of-fact radicalism," and adds:

Not too many years ago, a Presidential candidate who explicitly advocated taking your money and giving it to someone else, on the theory that you have too much and it would be nice if he had more, would have been a dead duck. Whether most Americans now understand either the terrible unfairness or the social and economic consequences of Obama's leveling instinct is not so clear.
Actually, I think they're deeply tired of government mismanagement (both Democratic and Republican, but the GOP will take the heat), extreme partisanship, and are worried about the economy; folks see in Barack Obama a savior.

Americans say they don't want economic redistribution, but then support a candidate who'll be the farthest to the left in history, and one who's repeatedly said he'd "share the wealth."

It's hard to explain, except in the context of the extraordinary environment of this election season - a "once in a century" context of crisis and change.