Friday, October 17, 2008

Incendiary Sign or Naïve Political Memorabilia?

Some hard-left Democrats see their chance to even the score a bit, although all I'm seeing here is a collection of campaign memorabilia rather than a full-blown statement of revolutionary fervor at a Barack Obama campaign office (compare below).

But the
Broward Sun-Sentinel provides some interesting background:

Among the images that greeted visitors to the John McCain campaign office in Pompano Beach this week was a sign headlined "Barrack Hussein Obama” that compared the Democratic presidential candidate to Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler and Fidel Castro.

Shown a picture of the sign Thursday night, Broward Republican Chairman Chip LaMarca said he was "disgusted" by it and would immediately go to the office and remove it.

"I'm speechless at the ignorance," LaMarca said. "It's not something we can condone.

"We're trying to promote positive messages for our candidates. I understand people want their candidate to win. It's ridiculous. I'll find out who put it up there, and maybe they'll volunteer somewhere else."

The sign on an 8 1/2 by 14 inch sheet of paper looks as if it was printed from a personal computer. It's part of a gallery of posters and signs on the wall immediately inside the front door of the Pompano office, near the intersection of Sample Road and U.S. 1.

Others signs on the wall include a portrait of McCain and his wife, Cindy, Republican elephants, patriotic sayings, and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin holding a large hunting rifle.

The sign in question mocked Obama's call for change and asked what other figures "called for change in this fashion." The answer: Marx, Hitler, Castro, Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini. "And you want Obama for President? Are you nuts,” the sign said.


Che Obama

So, the Broward Republican Chair moved quickly to have this volunteer's poster taken down...

Meanwhile, I don't recall a similar outrage on the left when
Ohio's James Burge, a Lorain County Common Pleas Judge, mounted a companion set of wall-sized images of Che Guevara and Barack Obama in his county governmental office.

Hmm, maybe we're seeing a bit of desperation on the left...