Saturday, October 18, 2008

Cries of Fascism: Left-Wing Hypocrites Fan Flames of Hatred

Dave Neiwert has made a career out of fanning the flames of partisan demonization. He has, for example, offered a theory of "pseudo fascism" which he uses as an all-purpose bludgeon to slander conservatives as the reincarnation of the Nazis.

While scholarship has long noted fascist tendencies in the far right-wing of American politics, the comprehensive catch-all nature of Neiwart's project makes him look like an unhinged crank.

Classical Values once remarked, about Neiwart's "pseudo-fascist" thesis:

I think it is a heavy-handed appeal to the emotions, because for most people the word epitomizes all that is evil. Focusing on some characteristics of fascism (nationalism and one-party rule), and comparing these features to a supposedly monolithic "conservative movement" ignores such primary features as murderous suppression of all dissent and government regimentation of industry -- which American conservatives simply don't support. This trivializes genuine fascism, and further, by making all who want this country to win the war (or their party to win the election), would implicitly tar many millions of Americans with the "pseudo-fascist" smear.
Keep this in mind while watching Katrina vanden Heuvel respond to GOP Representative Michele Bachmann's attack on Barack Obama's anti-American associations:

Note the emphasis here on "struggle," which is in essence, "class struggle" in Marxist-Leninist ideololgy. Ms. Vanden Heuvel is the editor of the far-left wing journal the Nation, but she herself is the epitome of the "liberal elite" and her own personal history mocks the notion of struggle, revealing it as no more than a hypocritical "progressive" power grab.

According to her profile on
Discover the Networks:
A defining moment for Katrina vanden Heuvel came in May 2002 during one of her frequent appearances on MSNBC's Hardball. After vanden Heuvel spoke about how she lived in Harlem and understood the poor, host Chris Matthews let his audience know that in fact she lived in a multimillion-dollar townhouse in a posh section of Morningside Heights.
Did you notice the pure rage in Ms. Vanden Heuvel diatribe? There's a totally unveiled hatred of conservatives in this clip - it's an unmistakable anger at anything or anyone who might dare question the truly radical associations of Barack Obama, aka "The One."

In my post last night, "
Is Barack Obama Anti-American?," I noted how today's radical left indeed hates American tradition and values, and hopes to turn this country into a social democratic regime. I suggested that anti-Americans aren't necessarily bomb-throwers; they're simply leftist ideologues who want a change of regime in the U.S., to turn the American state into something more like Canada or Denmark.

When people like Michele Bachmann are able to enunciate so perfectly the nature of that anti-Americanism, and Barack Obama's complete comfort in surrounding himself in it, the left has no other alternative than to resort to unhinged cries of McCarthyism and fascism.

It's all hypocritical and inflammatory - and is a preview of things to come under a possible Democratic administration in January.