Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rationalizing Obama: "This Country Was Founded by Terrorists"

Fox News is on the story of Barack Obama's book review of William Ayers', A Kind and Just Parent: Children of the Juvenile Court.

It turns out Ayers mentions Obama in the book:

The book, which details life at the Chicago Juvenile Court prison school, mentions Obama by name on page 82 when it describes Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood:

"Our neighbors include Muhammad Ali, former mayor Eugene Sawyer, poets Gwendolyn Brooks and Elizabeth Alexander, and writer Barack Obama. Minister Louis Farrakhan lives a block from our home and adds, we think, a unique dimension to the idea of 'safe neighborhood watch': the Fruit of Islam, his security force, has an eye on things twenty-four-hours a day."
Meanwhile, Patterico notes this comment during " an actual conversation with an unidentified Obama supporter":

This country was founded by terrorists.
It takes a lot of rationalization to dismiss Obama's radical associations.

Meanwhile, "progressives" are starting their victory dance.

God help this country on January 20th if these folks come to power.

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