Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ugly Overconfidence in Prospects of Obama Landslide

Content Warning: If you're morally opposed to boxing don't watch the video below. My dad was a huge boxing fan (we watched many a fight together), and from a sports perspective Allen Green's 18-second knock-out of Jaidon Codrington is pure entertainment.

The video's from an Obama landslide post at
the Demonic Conservative Ridicule Machine, where a reader took issue with both the entry's imagery and the despicable satire:

For perhaps the first time, I have to take strong exception to a TBogg post.

First, I find the boxing clip in really poor taste.

And, what is more important, I find overconfidence to be both uncalled for and genuinely misplaced. The polls are far too inconsistent and unreliable to justify any measure of overconfidence, which even in the best of circumstances is never an attractive trait.

I couldn't have said it better myself, except to add that DCRM's racist undertones add a particularly reprehensible tinge to the post.

Nothing new, of course.