Sunday, October 19, 2008

Will Gay Marriage Be Taught in Schools?

A no vote on California's Proposition 8 could mean that kids in the state's classrooms may receive instruction on gay marriage. The Los Angeles Times reports:

Village Voice

It was supposed to be a 90-minute excursion, a noontime field trip for a group of San Francisco charter school students and their parents to see the kids' lesbian teacher marry her partner in a wedding performed by Mayor Gavin Newsom.

But after the event was reported in the San Francisco Chronicle and picked up by cable television and the Internet, the first-graders at Creative Arts Charter School found themselves at the center of the hottest battle in the campaign over gay marriage: the question of whether failure to pass Proposition 8 would result in widespread classroom discussions of same-sex unions.

Supporters of the constitutional amendment, under which marriage would be defined as only between a man and a woman, contend that if Proposition 8 does not pass, gay marriage will be taught in public schools. "We are already seeing that happen," said Frank Schubert, campaign manager for Yes on 8.

The opposing side insists that this is fear-mongering and notes that there is no mention of schools or curriculum in the language of the proposition.
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I don't think it's fear-mongering. I don't want my own public-school children receiving instruction on gay marriage, especially my youngest son, who's in 1st grade.