Sunday, October 26, 2008

Democratic Values on Display at Denver Obama Rally

I've got a new regular visitor from the leftosphere, James at Brain Rage, who apparently applauds the politics of gutter video-attacks like the one found in "Red, White and MILF."

With all due respect, that's not parody but demonization.

In fact, with the current shape of political polarization in campaign, '08, I don't think there's anything that's out of bounds nowadays, absolutelty nothing. For example, via Looking at the Left, look at this young girl below - who can't be more than 8 or 9 years-old - who is wearing a t-shirt with the Democratic donkey screwing the GOP elephant from behind (via Memorandum):

Democrats in Denver

If you check the link, there's also a guillotine mounted on the back of a van, emblazened with the slogan, "Bush Whacker":

This van and trailer circled the area of the rally. I got the impression the driver would delight in the thought of Harry Ried as Robespierre, and the heads of Dick Cheney, Sarah Palin, and Joe the Plumber getting real blood instead of red tape on the guillotine.
Well, yeah, considering what a prominent leftist journalist and blogger once wrote about President Bush:

May his war-crimes prosecutor be Iraqi; may his judge be American; and may he die in the Hague.
This is today's Democratic-left. This is not some fringe-movement of the party; this is the base. I write a new post every day on some new political outrage, smear, or over-the-top demonization of the GOP. The depths just keep getting lower, and lower...

These are Barack Obama's people, and don't tell me a girl with a donkey-style Democratic mascot ass- f**king the GOP is satire. I'm tired of the left's hand-waving unseriousness.

Do you send your children to school dressed like this? Would you even send them out in public like this?

Behold the difference between a liberal and a conservative, a difference of fundamental, monumental, importance.

Look out for 2012, folks, because the election's already started, by the looks of the culture wars already sweeping the nation. Obama's not even elected yet, amazingly.


logansafi said...

I'm the dad of this girl and bought her the t-shirt and she thought it was funny and it was. The tasteless aspect of it deserves a laugh.

You Right Wingers are utterly humorless. Besides you guys can't seem to figure out that this is not a proDemocrat t-shirt at all. We are against the Iraq and Afghan occupations and protested these wars at both the DP and RP rallies that took place around Colorado. Better these 2 parties of brain dead Americans spend their time making love than blowing other peoples' countries to shreds. A simple message delivered in a funny way.

Oh YES, and she did go to her middle school in this T-shirt one day and guess what? It shocked nobody at all. Oh the poor state of American Civilization these days!

It must be due to the fact that so many miserable Americans sit back and support torture and invasions and occupations of other lands. It must be to the fact that we are led by 2 parites intent on bankrupting the Planet both financially and ecologically. Not that Conservatives give a flying f...! Now do they?