Sunday, November 23, 2008

Al Qaeda Thanks Iran for Attack on U.S. Embassy in Yemen

Check out this eye-opener: "Iran Receives al Qaeda Praise for Role in Terrorist Attacks":

Delivery of the letter exposed the rising role of Saad bin Laden, son of the al-Qaeda leader, Osama as an intermediary between the organisation and Iran. Saad bin Laden has been living in Iran since the fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2001, apparently under house arrest.

The letter, which was signed by Ayman al-Zawahiri, al-Qaeda's second in command, was written after the American embassy in Yemen was attacked by simultaneous suicide car bombs in September.

Western security officials said the missive thanked the leadership of Iran's Revolutionary Guards for providing assistance to al-Qaeda to set up its terrorist network in Yemen, which has suffered ten al-Qaeda-related terror attacks in the past year, including two bomb attacks against the American embassy.

In the letter al-Qaeda's leadership pays tribute to Iran's generosity, stating that without its "monetary and infrastructure assistance" it would have not been possible for the group to carry out the terror attacks. It also thanked Iran for having the "vision" to help the terror organisation establish new bases in Yemen after al-Qaeda was forced to abandon much of its terrorist infrastructure in Iraq and Saudi Arabia.

There has been intense speculation about the level of Iranian support for al-Qaeda since the 9/11 Commission report into al-Qaeda's terror attacks against the U.S. in 2001 concluded that Iran had provided safe passage for many of the 9/11 hijackers travelling between Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia prior to the attacks.

Scores of senior al Qaeda activists - including Saad bin Laden - sought sanctuary in Iran following the overthrow of the Taliban, and have remained in Tehran ever since. The activities of Saad bin Laden, 29, have been a source of Western concern despite Tehran's assurances that he is under official confinement.

But Iran was a key transit route for al Qaeda loyalists moving between battlefields in the Middle East and Asia. Western security officials have also concluded Iran's Revolutionary Guards have supported al-Qaeda terror cells, despite religious divisions between Iran's Shia Muslim revolutionaries and the Sunni Muslim terrorists.
As Jihad Watch notes:

So much for the notion that Sunnis and Shias can never cooperate...
I'll update when I get word that, Cernig, the nihilist left's anti-Western wannabe intelligence pro, confirms this is all a hegemonic plot hatched by Halliburton operatives with a moles in Western security agencies feeding disinformation to the right-wing Judith Miller press-types to boost the case for regime change Iran.


Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...
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bluespapa said...

I don't know how I missed Prof. Douglas's outrage that Iran is now reported to have enough fissile material for a bomb. Since the Bush administration took power, and most of that time with a Republican Congress, both North Korea and Iran have acquired the weapons that we've been told they would keep out of the hands of those terrorist states.

Instead one has been taken off the list of terrorist states.

The third state, we were told is the most dangerous because of their nuclear ambitions turns out not to have had any active program at all.

The utter blindness of the American Power can only match the utter incompetence of the Bush administration for preventing these rogue regimes to acquire these weapons, while claiming to be "pro-victory."

Meanwhile how many posts about upset queers? How many posts about how far left Obama's administration is?

Are you utterly blind?

Or are these weapons in the hands of our enemies just so much rhetoric on the right? Is decrying the lefty-ness of Obama the solution to this, while Osama bin Laden hides behind the sovereignty of another nuclear state?

As a political scientist do you have anything of use to say about these issues, or can we rely on the right to focus on the "real" problems America faces, homosexuals?

Do you know the relative wealth or poverty of Yemen? That they have an insurgency? That it's a state on the way to failure? Do you have anything of value to say about how we contain Iran in the wake of our squandered military expenditure in Iraq looking for weapons that didn't exist because of connections with terrorists that didn't exist while the terrorists that did exist and attacked us on 9/11 got away?

As someone pro-victory, what do you think we should be doing to contain new nuclear threat of Iran that arose on Bush's watch? What insight do you have, Professor? Any?