Sunday, November 23, 2008

Obama Administration to Be Among Most Far-Left Ever

Well, at least one blogger's willing to come right out and say it: Barack Obama really is at the extreme left of the political spectrum, even farther left than was Franklin Delano Roosvelt, and on par with Lyndon Johnson:

Obama's agenda is farther to the left than anything we've seen since at least Lyndon Johnson, and Congress has never in its history seen a Democratic Party so united in its leftward tilt. It doesn't matter whether Obama has centrists and moderate Republicans as part of his coalition. What matters is if he can unite (enough of) this country behind a common purpose to get things done.
Geez, I thought I'd never see the day!

Now if these folks will just come out and admit that "progressive" is just a euphemism for a neo-socialist agenda, then my job will be done.


The Griper said...

"Now if these folks will just come out and admit that "progressive" is just a euphemism for a neo-socialist agenda, then my job will be done."

then you've picked a job that is a lifelong job, my friend. one that takes even more of a commitment than marriage does. are you up to the task? :)

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...
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bluespapa said...

Geez, the "new-socialist" agenda is to clean up the utter disaster he is inheriting. Are you blind to the fact that our military has been daily called "stretched too thin" by military experts who love the military and deplore what's happened? That we're in the largest financial disaster since the Great Depression (and it's not the second Great Depression, thank heaven)? That every department of government has been abused and corrupted?

Whether there should be an EPA is a different question from whether their scientists opinions should be buried. That's not the case in Justice, even if, as Mukasey points out, illegal activities don't always rise to the level of criminal.

Have you not noticed that our closest allies have been alienated by years of our failure to follow the most basic international laws that we once championed?

If that's the "neo-socialist agenda" sign me up. Because the last eight years have been something altogether un-American.

bluespapa said...

"Far left" is what middle of the road looks like after Mr. Bush's Wild Ride.

Trish said...

Obama didn't run as radical LEFT????
Dear God in heaven, even my liberal friends said he was far more liberal than they were, and were hard pressed to vote for him due to that fact!
Yes, he ran left, and now he is going to disappoint his lefty friends, as he is somwehwat restrained into governing more moderately than even he presumably would like...
At least in the beginning.