Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Yes on 8 Campaign Awaits Court Ruling, Rejects Recall

The California Supreme Court has agreed to review Proposition 8, the state ballot measure making marriage available only to one man and one woman.

I have just received a memo for distribution from the leadership of
Protect Marriage and the Yes on 8 Campaign. The memo states that initiative sponsors will await the outcome of the Court's judicial review, and they oppose any efforts to begin campaigning for a recall of the justices of the court:

"Our position is the Court will uphold Prop 8 even if some may disagree with the policy it embodies. There should be no discussion of a recall at this point and nobody associated with the campaign should even hint that such a thing is being discussed. It is NOT being discussed. We are discussing defending Prop 8 and, if necessary, doing the work necessary to be ready for a future initiative battle if the other side chooses to seek to legalize same sex marriage."
As noted here in previous entries, the Court is well aware of the threat of a recall, and the intensity of the controversy on both sides of the debate means a majority of the Court is likely to defer to the will of the voters, to avoid prolonging the battle (Justice Joyce Kennard voted to deny a court review of the initiative). And the Los Angeles Times reports that "Supporters of the Proposition 8" are warning of a recall of any of the justices who vote to overturn the measure.

Just exactly who those "supporters" are remains key, as the official Yes on 8 campaign has opposed counter-demonstrations against the No on H8 protests, and now indicates it is frowning on recall mobilization prior to a decision from the judicial branch.


dave in boca said...

It surpasses understanding [unless you live in Florida where a similar ultra-socialist court also holds sway, despite a succession of Republican governors], how any Court could overrule the common sense of the real Americans who voted to keep marriage what it is.

Judicial Tyranny in this country will infect the SCOTUS if Obama makes the wrong choice---which predictably he will.

Whatever happened to the Constitution?

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...
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