Thursday, November 20, 2008

Texas Fred Would Beat Wife Over Nigerian Scam!

Folks may remember my old nemesis Texas Fred. Well Old Freddy indicates that he'd beat his own wife if she got caught in one of those Nigerian e-mail scams, like Janella Spears of Sweet Home, Oregon:
I have NEVER believed in hitting a woman, but Janella, if you were MY wife, I would seriously be thinking of all kinds of creative new ways to make you hurt! I am sorry if that offends anyone but this is one of those STUPID PEOPLE things! I HATE stupid people! There are, as I am fond of saying, people in this world that would literally DIE if breathing were not a reflex action, and this woman is one of them.

These Nigerian email scams have been well documented for a long time, in the news, in the papers, on the blogs, through email notification, all the various media sources have done their part in making the public aware. Apparently, someone didn’t get the memo!
Fred's a liar, of course. Recall that Texas Fred, who sells himself as a genuine "Southern Gentleman," viciously attacked Amy Proctor in the comments at his blog when she disagreed with his traitorous rants on the Iraq war:
Amy, you do know that you can go to the hospital and have a bit of ‘day surgery’ don’t you?? They can cut the Hypocritical BITCH right out of you, you know the one I am talking about?? The one that seeks to infringe on the free speech of others??
And ya really outta think about it too...
Texas Fred's spewing today in response to a Fox News report, "Oregon Woman Loses $400,000 to Nigerian E-Mail Scam."

It's an interesting story, as we all get loads of these scam letters in our inbox's.

But it's especially interesting when we see one big fat Southern redneck admitting he'd beat his own sweet Bertha! Texas Fred is a bad man, a faux conservative with no morals whatsover. He's begged so many bloggers to join his redneck blogrolls it's pathetic, and then he turns around and backstabs anyone who vaguely disagrees with him after they've joined! Wow! As Amy indicates:

Texas Fred claims his blog’s mission is to “piss off as many lefty/libbers as I possibly can, each and every day, it’s my mission in life” and describes himself as a “Conservative libertarian ....

In reality his message is hostile to Conservative values and positions, particularly when it comes to the war on terror, Iraq and President Bush.
A real jerk, in other words.


Right Truth said...

Well, don't be shy, tell us what you really think, heh.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

AmPowerBlog said...

I couldn't resist, Debbie. Frankly, I fear he may have indeed beaten his wife already. But that's his life.

Anonymous said...

As an actual conservative-libertarian Texan, let me say this guy sounds like a douchbag.

Or a Moby.

Joubert said...

Andrew Sullivan on the left. Texas Fred on the right. Extremist blowhards.

"Clowns to the left of me
Jokers to the right
Here I am
Stuck in the middle with you."

TexasFred said...

Ya know what Donnie?? You're just NOT worth the trouble..

My words, in YOUR quotes, actually defeat everything you said, so, once again, I need to do nothing, you have made yourself out to be a fool... And a LIAR... Par for the course Donnie...

Have a great delusion...