Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai Probe Focuses on Pakistani Groups

American intelligence officials are focusing the Mumbai terror investigation on Pakistani militant groups, most likely Lashkar-e-Taiba, and perhaps another cell operating out Kashmir, Jaish-e-Muhammad.

The government of Pakistan
is resisting speculation that the Mumbai attacks orginated in the Pakistani state.

Meanwhile, the targeting of
the Chabad-Lubavitch organization, where American Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and his wife Rivka were killed, is one of the most disturbing elements of the attacks. The siege of the Chabad would seem an unlikely focus of exclusively local terrorist activity (Hindu-Sikh violence, for example). Plus, as many as 7 of the Mumbai terrorists have British origins with suspected ties to London's 7/7 subway attacks in 2005 (which was an al-Qaeda operation).

Scott at Powerline
published this e-mail from a reader, discussing the targeting of Jews in India:

As the Indian terror event reaches it tragic end with reports of the killing of all the Jewish hostages in the Chabad House (Nariman House) there are important points that must be made. The marathon terror campaign was horrible and deadly. Despite in-depth coverage, its presentation in the Western world raises serious questions.

From the start British and American coverage concentrated on the hotels with stress of the targeting of British and Americans. The Jewish target was ignored until day two and day three. The two luxury hotels were selected by the terrorists because they are occupied by tourists. People who escaped from the hotels claimed that the terrorists asked for British and Americans. However, they were selected because they were foreigners.

Nariman House was selected by the terrorists because the Chabad building was a specific Jewish target that also included Israelis. Let me make this clear. Chabad House was the only target chosen by the terrorists in Mumbai because of its specific character - Jewish and Israeli. Hostages in Chabad House were killed because they were Jewish and Israeli.
Further indications of the anti-Western nature of the attacks are the reports that Muslims worldwide are celebrating the killlings.

See also, Bill Roggio, "
Mumbai Attack Most Significant Since Sept. 11 Attack on U.S."


Norm said...

In the city of Mumbai there might be a couple of Jews and the terrorists went out of their way to find and kill them. The world doesn't care because the left wing has aligned themselves with the segment of the Palestinian population that seeks only to murder and not peace. In addition the left wing has aligned itself with those who state that every act of self-defense by the Jews is a war crime or apartheid. 50,000 people die every month in the Congo and world yawns. But if an Israeli soldier accidently shoots
a Palestinian in the foot the entire world is outraged. I have had enough of this.

This murder in Mumbai cannot go unanswered by Jews or Israel or it will happen again and again. Israel must take out every leader of Al-Qaida immediately. Israel must respond and very hard.

Ottavio (Otto) Marasco said...

The test has begun and we observers, are looking for a national character that will maintain a strong defense and offense wherever in the globe it is required.

It is with interest that I look to Obama’s immediate and ongoing response to this tragedy for such events will not cease just because Bush leaves office. The attack must be viewed as one against the entire civilized world by radical ant-western forces; one to be met with resistence …

As a local writer said, They "the attacks" represent … a definitive merger of internal Indian conflicts with the global war on terror … they also represent a formal notice of combat to the American president-elect, Barack Obama ...

Anonymous said...

C'mon now, using a hatefully Islamophobic web site to "prove" that "Muslims" around the world are "celebrating" this massacre would be like me saying that the rantings on some neo-Nazi sludge site "prove" that all white people are ready to overthrow the Obama administration by force of arms.

Al-Qaida doesn't represent the beliefs of the majority of Muslims any more than the Klan represents the opinions of the majority of white Christians, even though Klan members are the first ones to claim that's who they are.

Be fair here.