Saturday, November 22, 2008

Save Turkeys, Kill Fetuses: The Left's Response to Sarah Palin

Via Jill Stanek, here's the comment from Voices Carry on the left's "Turkeygate" attacks on Sarah Palin:

The hot YouTube clip of the day is Sarah Palin's interview with the turkey getting slaughtered in the background. Palin doesn't flinch. In fact, prior to the interview she was apparently asked if she wanted a different backdrop behind her and she said "no worries." I love it.

Even funnier is how [the] media protects us from the horror by blocking out the gory part and forewarning us to get the kids out of the room quickly.

Here's the bigger picture ... no shock and horror, ever, from liberals or the media regarding the dismembering of unborn children, but the sight of a turkey in a kill cone is appalling. Something's wrong when we have empathy for turkeys but are indifferent to the plight of the unborn.
Oh, the moral clarity!

I love it! I really do!

Sarah Palin is
as genuine as you can get. How many millions of Americans will not eat turkey next Thursday after seeing this video of Governor Palin? Or, how many of those same Americans - a great many of whom supported Barack Obama - will continue to give the left's abortion-on-demand policies a pass after seeing the video above?

There's some pre-Thanksgiving food-for-thought.

See also, "
Why Obama Really Voted For Infanticide."


shoprat said...

The whole thing is this.

THEY ARE AFRAID OF HER. There is a possibility (however remote it seems at the moment)that one day she will president and she is the opposite of what they want. They fear her and are trying to instill that fear in others.

If they weren't afraid of her they'd be saying words to the effect of "Go ahead and nominate her; it will insure that Democrats will win the next presidential election."

(and some nitwit troll is probably say just that simply to make a nuisance of themselves.)

Law and Order Teacher said...

I love the fact that libs are all about protecting animals, but don't even flinch at abortion. It reminds me of the bankruptcy of their argument against the death penalty. Kill young children who haven't had the chance to live, but give all the run to people who have lived and made a mess of it. Strange reasoning.

JD said...

Go ahead and nominate her; it will help third parties in future elections.

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

America, but especially the leftists and liberals, appears to be morally and spiritually bankrupt.

For certain, the leftists and liberals are morally and spiritually insane.

Collectively, their skewed view of life makes Adoph Hitler and Joseph Stalin seem like Cub scouts.

And, you bet, the Democrats, liberals and leftists are wetting their pants and panties with fear about Sarah Palin.

But they're too dull of wit and spirit to understand that what they are doing will galvanize opposition against them.

Anonymous said...

Oh, a turkey dies before Thanksgiving...the treachery!
I guess we can safely assume these people attacking Palin don't wear leather shoes, have a leather couch or eat anything with meat either.

Mark In Irvine said...

The video was hilarious. If you are concerned about abortion (as I am) you can help reduce the number of abortions by promoting universal sex education and availability of contraception NO QUESTIONS ASKED for all people of reproductive age. It won't eliminate abortion, but the more people who know how to avoid pregnancy, the more pregnancies will be avoided, and the fewer people will be in the "market" for abortion.

Anonymous said...

You gotta love Palin. She got her point across just as she had intended. She knew EXACTLY what the MSM was going to say about that video of turkeys getting killed. It just goes to show how immune we all are of what happens during an abortion. It is not any prettier than that.