Friday, November 28, 2008

Gay Rights and the Postmodern Agenda

I did not know Steve Clemons was gay. In fact, the only thing I knew about Clemons, from reading his columns occassionally, was that he seemed like one more classic leftist nut spewing BDS across the blogosphere. The erudition of Clemons' essays did nothing to disguise his representation of the essential nihilism of today's postmodern left.

Clemons' Thanksgiving essay, where he discusses his sexual orientation, and his frustrations with Barack Obama, is one more example of how radically left is the progressive agenda of today's Democratic Party base:

Yes, like everyone - I'm pleased that Barack Obama won the White House. But it is only a small beginning in the right direction. But with Barack Obama, we also got Proposition 8. We have him talking about Iraq as the "bad war" and Afghanistan as the "good war". We have political appointments in both security and economic policy that either will be the height of brilliant personnel and policy maneuvering or alternatively could end up as a paralyzed cabinet and government disaster. There is only fog ahead, much yet we don't know.

We have wars going on in the Middle East that shouldn't be going on. I have friends there now being shot at - and helping to kill others - and this wasn't what the 21st century was supposed to be about.

I have been writing here for some time -- far before the National Intelligence Council's Global Trends 2025 report came out chronicling America's global decline - that America's mystique as a great nation had been punctured by the invasion of Iraq. We showed key limits in our military and economic capacity, leading allies and foes respectively to count on us and fear us less. The economic crisis is the punctuation point in America's fall from its once significant global perch. I'm worried about all of this - making a traditional thanksgiving very uncomfortable.

Our new president preaches inclusion, which is a good thing -- and I think he has the potential to be one of the great stewards of the White House and the executive branch authority we have given him.

But how could people who helped deliver this man to the White House also spit on my decision to enter into marriage with someone I have been with for 17 years? Europe has embraced adjustments in marriage easily and in a socially healthy way, and yet we still stoke embers of nativism and fundamentalism in this country. Barack Obama's voice was used on anti-gay marriage robocalls to African-American and Hispanic voters in California. To my knowledge, he didn't ask for his voice not to be used.

I think intolerance is what undermines the glue of a nation, stirring up fear and violence at home and in wars abroad. We have a lot of intolerant Americans who helped elect George W. Bush twice to the White House, and now we have many other intolerant Americans who have come into their civic responsibilities as voters and have tainted the hope that people like my partner and I have for a better and more just nation that recognizes our relationship in the ways it should be recognized.

I'm going to see the movie Milk today starring Sean Penn reprising brilliantly the life of the assassinated first gay elected politician in the United States - and no matter what Proposition 8 thought it achieved, I'll be wearing my ring.

So, this is an uncomfortable Thanksgiving holiday, and I hope that those who read this today do embrace their family and friends - all of them, gay ones too - and remember that this nation needs to stop dragging when it comes to bigotry.

I've written much on gay rights and the unhinged left's backlash against the majority vote on Proposition 8 (which Clemons conveniently omits).

Here I'll simply refer readers back my post on marriage and tradition, "
Marriage and Procreation: Bodily Union of Spouses."

As for the rest of Clemons' rant, I'm a little surprised he's resorting to the same smears of intolerance and bigotry used by every other 9th tier leftist on the web.

Or, perhaps I shouldn't be surprised: The gay marriage movement has nothing more to argue for it than to demonize those who oppose them, which is essentially a temper-tantrum masquerading as argumentation. Leftists may indeed win the battle over marriage in the long run - with all the intimidation and claims of "rights" - as society proceeds along the path to hegemonic secularism. What's interesting here is how Clemons' gay marriage advocacy fits right in with all the other outrages against GOP governance over the last eight years.

For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction, or so they say. Conservatives are planning now for their comeback, and 2010's not too soon to make the case that the push for gay marriage is just one pillar of the larger radical program intent to destroy center-right traditionalism in this country.


Palinesque }*~*{ said...

"I think intolerance is what undermines the glue of a nation, stirring up fear and violence at home and in wars abroad. We have a lot of intolerant Americans who helped elect George W. Bush twice to the White House, and now we have many other intolerant Americans who have come into their civic responsibilities as voters and have tainted the hope that people like my partner and I have for a better and more just nation that recognizes our relationship in the ways it should be recognized."

This guy is does "recognizing" his sexual preferences via a Christian Institution make a better and more just nation? He should skip the movie and go buy a new outfit for HIS new president, oh how lovely he'll look side by side with all those ignorant coloreds who barely know what to do with their newly gained rights to vote...p U

Anonymous said...

I've read Clemons on and off for a couple of years and I can't recall him writing anything that could be characterized as post-modern or nihilist. Can you point to anything specifically that he's said that is postmodern? Or nihilist?

SCClemons said...

Professor Douglas --

I'm surprised you would characterize my comment as a rant -- or that you would depict me as a "leftist nut."

You are a professor of political science whom I have never encountered before, and on your blog, you state that you will engage in serious debate and state your views and positions vigorously. I admire that.

But what I find odd is that you would engage in personality attacks or offer what is essentially slander of someone's positions and views rather than debating them on their merits.

I see right away that you support Proposition 8. Your side won the debate. Those I favor did not.

For the record, I have been far more engaged over the years helping the dissident Republican crowd who have problems with the current course of US foreign policy than I have been positioned with what you call the radical left. In fact, if you were more familiar with my blog, you will see that I tend to criticize ideological zealotry by the left and the right.

I hope you reconsider your statements. I'll be sure to stop in next time I give a lecture or speak at LBCC.

Steve Clemons
Washington, DC

Palinesque }*~*{ said...

Mr. Clemmons, perhaps you should (s)troll elsewhere, your "side" won the election, surely you can rejoice with those who are rejoicing, and respect our civil rights to disagree and be disagreeable.
Nice little veiled threat about showing up to his Professor Douglas's class, he is not Mormon, and I pray the peace of God over you, your loved ones and Professor Douglas, and I apologize for calling you "nuts" I should called your comments, "stupid, small, racist, and NUTS" and of course, not you, pardon me.
"your intolerance" stirred my response but some of my closest friends are gay AND black (you know those intolerant Americans with tainted hope, blah blah), shall I ask them to weigh in on your "rant"??? or shall we all just get along?

Palinesque }*~*{ said...

Pardon me Mr. "Clemons"

SCClemons said...

Palinator --

I don't completely follow your comment. veiled threat intended. I travel the country a great deal and am from Southern California. Professor Douglas seems to enjoy debate, and perhaps something along those lines could be arranged. But whether or not that could/would occur, I am not often attacked in the way he did attack me today -- so yes, I would like to meet him in person and discuss this.

On the question of your friendships with African-Americans who happen to be gay...good for you.

Sorry you thought so poorly of my views and considered them "small." We'll let the rest of the invective go.

You and I disagree on the institution of marriage/civil unions. Clearly the victory of Proposition 8 advocates tells me that the country is deeply divided on the issue and that those who want to see the institution of marriage made more flexible and modern and a place where people of the same sex can bind themselves together with all of the same rights and responsibilities of heterosexual couples have a great deal of work to do.

In any case, calm down. Your side won the referendum. My side has more work to do -- but the debate will go on for quite a while.

best regards,

Steve Clemons

Palinesque }*~*{ said...

Mr. Clemons

Would you care to elaborate on who you are calling "many other intolerant Americans who have come into their civic responsibilities as voters" who tainted your hopes? Clearly the nation "recognizes your union" so precisely, how else should it be recognized?

You no doubt note that I am not in CA, neither are you, we both however have witnessed how "your side" behaves while dropping by to debate the "advocates of prop 8" also on "their way to lecture at the LBCC" naturally.

Clearly I do not read your blog, Professor Douglas does. If he intended to debate with you, don't you think perhaps he would have done so there?

You too should try and relax, what with your long battle before you.

My "side" is called Christianity, we always win and believe it or not, is with Love and not hate, but it also intolerable of your lifestyle, but not you.
I have come to understand that many "Christians" are in name only, that is from where my unapologetic passion and excitement stem and it is not my intent to attack you, only your ideas (intent), which, are veiled somewhere behind a subjective tolerance banner.


Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...
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Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...
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AmPowerBlog said...

Steve Clemons: Your comment at Washington Note is a rant, as far as I'm concerned. Your essay calls me a bigot, and I don't appreciate it, as I am not.

SCClemons said...

Professor Douglas:

I'll have to be sure to send you one of my rants when I engage in some tear about something. My piece on gay marriage was nothing like a rant.

I do think that bigotry played a large role in the passage of Prop. 8, but I don't believe that all people who supported Prop. 8 are bigots. I never called you a bigot -- not at all. I stand by my view that bigotry was an animating force, among others, that helped this referendum -- that you support -- pass.

The way you have personalized my blog post to yourself is self indulgent -- but I get that you were miffed by it. I assume you are tackling the many others out there from David Brooks to Jonathan Rauch to James Pinkerton -- all writers on the right -- who agree 100% with my perspective on this.

In any case, I hope you do stick to the mantra on your blog site that you will respect differing points of view and debate seriously.

Should you want to debate this social issue -- or US foreign policy -- at LBCC some time, let me know. I'd be happy to be there and think that we could both learn something from the process.

Best regards,

Steve Clemons
Washington, DC

AmPowerBlog said...

Steve Clemons:

You really want to debate? You don't even know the rules of debate, obviously. Your appeal to Brookes and Pinkerton is a form of argumentum ad verecundiam (i.e., the fallacy of trying to demonstrate the veracity of an argument by citing some person who agrees with you), or at least an appeal to a few others who make the same case, correct or not.

You should argue on the merits, not by appealing to people who don't know what they're talking about.

Anonymous said...
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