Monday, November 17, 2008

Stop the H8 = NKVD

The Economist notes that "the backlash against Prop. 8 is bigger than almost any American suspected."

Not quite: I've been blogging the gay marriage backlash to Proposition 8 since election day, because, frankly, folks really need to cut through all the rainbow feel-goodism and to see the radicalism of this movement for what's it's worth.

The Los Angeles Times
reports this morning on how the protests are affecting the Mormon Church (apparently the left's campaign of intimidation has indeed taken a toll).

But to really get a sense of Stop the H8's chilling intolerance, check out
Diana West's post on El Coyote Restaurant's Marjorie Christoffersen, who gave $100 to the Yes on 8 campaign:

The mainstream media have so far failed to get across the intensity of the ordeal that supporters of Prop 8 may now be subject to - something I realized on coming across this extraordinary blog account of a meeting at the legendary restaurant El Coyote in Hollywood, not far from where I grew up in Laurel Canyon. The meeting was between the elderly Mormon owner, who donated $100 to support Prop 8, and Prop 8 opponents, who are threatening a boycott, and it is as soul-grinding as something out of Soviet show trial history....

The tall, frail Christoffersen stood in the center of the group. She appeared to be shaking during her prepared remarks which lasted about 3 minutes. Two young female family members flanked her to prevent her from fainting, according to a restaurant employee. At several points during her speech, Christoffersen simply became too emotional to continue.

Christoffersen later fled town for fear of her life.

The Economist suggests that the No on H8 campaign may affect the willingness of people to support defense of marriage initiatives in the future, a deeply authortarian outcome resulting from the Stalinist tactics of gay-marriage NKVD-style apparatchiks.


shoprat said...

Their violence will turn those who disapprove of their lifestyles from mere disapproval to a backlash that they will not be able to handle.

AmPowerBlog said...

I hope so, Shoprat. The Economist seems to think the protesters will win.

Gayle said...

I agree with Shoprat. Let's hope we are both right. I would like to believe that Americans still have some cajones!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's hard not to feel my blood boiling when I read this one. Christofferson did not have to do what she did, and I would have strongly advised against it. We are seeing the ugly underbelly of the illuminati gay beast that has lived among us a bit more placidly until now. This is a kind of critical mass scenario developing, I believe. I will not faint nor grow weary, and you are a person after my own heart for taking this very seriously. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Please show us where it was published that Marjorie Christofferson "fled" Los Angeles "for fear of her life." Show us one source.

Publishing unsourced assumptions is just bad blogging.

Anonymous said...

I'm the reporter who covered the meeting. "Anonymous" is correct. Christofferson never said she "feared for her life." She left town for a few days, presumably to clear her head, but she's back in town now, working at the restaurant. Please stop spreading misinformation.