Monday, November 17, 2008

Gay Extremists Attack Christian Group in San Francisco

California's cultural confrontation over gay marriage escalated Friday night in San Francisco's Castro District, as a group Christian missionaries were attacked by a homosexual mob.

KTVU has the story:

In San Francisco's Castro District, people on both sides of the same-sex marriage controversy confronted each other on Friday night, as police tried to keep the peace. Proposition 8 passed in a close vote and eliminated the right of same-sex couples to marry.

Members of the gay community said that almost every Friday night, a Christian group meets at the corner of Castro and 18th Streets. They try to convert gays and lesbians into a straight lifestyle.

This Friday night, the message didn't go over well. Some gays and lesbians reacted by trying to chase the group out of the Castro.

"Their rights were respected," said Joe Schmitz, an opponent of Prop 8. "They got a chance to go ahead and pray on the sidewalk and I had the opportunity to express my freedom of speech which is telling them to get out of my neighborhood."

San Francisco Police officers in riot gear formed a line and escorted the religious group into a van to safely get them out of the area.

Members of the gay community insisted that their reaction to the Christian group was spontaneous. "It was not an organized thing. We're tired of it. It's not religious. It's not a racial thing. It's about hate. We're trying to send a message across the world that we're standing up and we don't want this to go on anymore," said Adam Quintero.
This is exactly the kind escalation I've been predicting in my commentaries on the Yes on 8 protests. The activist backlash will be marked by increasing belligerence, until otherise sympathetic heterosexual communities say, "enough is enough ... you people are freaking Stalinists!"

Gay marriage bloggers are noticing, for example,
this guy:

I'm really worried about where this is heading. Somebody is going to get killed and we're all going to lose. I'm pissed, we're all f**king pissed, but this is going to a bad place. And I say that knowing that if I had been in the Castro on Friday night, I probably would have been right there in it. We've got the moral upper hand in this fight and every day more and more people see that. Be we have GOT to keep these things peaceful. Yell, fuck yeah, YELL. But don't touch. Don't hit. Don't throw. Please.
Pam Spaulding's also warning about the increasing mob rule of the movement, which is funny, because her blog is one of the biggest instigators of the unrest.


shoprat said...

The real "shocker" is the number of comments that ask "Why should we?"

Jan said...

"Members of the gay community insisted that their reaction to the Christian group was spontaneous. "It was not an organized thing. We're tired of it. It's not religious. It's not a racial thing. It's about hate."

Yep, it's about hate, alright. They hate it that anyone would have the audacity to try to disagree with what they(LGBT)want and consider their right to have.

Obviously, their hatred is directed toward Christians, whom they maliciously have labeled 'bible beaters.'

Let's see..oh, and Mormons, and the people who donated to their loss, and conservatives, and let's not forget the blacks, because they are high on the list now, because, after all, they(LGBT)helped elect a black president, and THEY, the blacks, of all people, should know what it's like to have civil rights denied...but there's the catch: it's not about civil rights, and the sooner they figure that out, the better.

After viewing the video of what happened in the Castro District in San Francisco, this past weekend, it is easy to see where this is going.

Anonymous said...

As a Christian who ministers to those struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction (yes, because I have overcome the struggle), I react to this story in several ways. First, I wasn't there so I don't know just what kind of witnessing the "missionary" group were doing. It may have been totally innocuous; it may have been in some way confrontational or perceived to be. Whatever the approach, it will pretty much always be rejected by the hardcore gay illuminati. God bless them for reaching out, rightly or wrongly. They are willing to be persecuted for their faith and compassion, evidently.

Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...
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Anonymous said... we'll all stand on this corner and say that if you have this sexual orientation, you'll go to Hell. That will calm everything down. And if it doesn't... we'll have demonstrated they hate Christians!

It's a protest. They have the right.

Harry, go get laid with a man if you want. You have the right to do that too.

- Khe Sanh vet

The Vegas Art Guy said...

so if the tables were turned would it still be OK anon?

Anonymous said...

Wow. Let me ask what "rights" exactly are we denying them? They can have all the rights of a married couple. They can have commitment ceremonies. They can live together. This is not a "civil rights" issue because they have access to every "civil right" present in marriage. Except the label. Let's not forget that if government had worked correctly, the way it was intended, this would not have escalated into what it is today. Thank Gavin Newsome and an activist court for legislating from the bench against the will of the people of California. If homosexuals want to live by their own rules, they can secede from the nation, move to an island, conquer the island people and set up their own government. This is a massive "entitlement" complex that has gone too far. Grow up people.

JMG said...

As noted in your link to my original piece, I do not condone any acts of repression of free public speech.

HOWEVER, you should know that the "peaceful" group of evangelicals that regularly preach in the Castro are affiliated with Joel's Army, a Dominionist group that calls for the public execution of homosexuals by stoning. Joel's Army is a theocratic militant group that will settle for nothing less than the end of secular democracy in America.

Joel's Army is about far more than the issue of same-sex marriage. They want gay people converted to Christianity or they want us DEAD.

Please keep this in mind when you consider this week's incident in the Castro and any future confrontations.

For references, please Google "Joel's Army" and "Lou Engel" and read the Southern Poverty Law Center's description of their goals and their tactics.

Caveman said...

This is a very frustraiting controversy for me as a Christian. I think that people on both sides need to realize that this is a deep division of ideology, faith and freedom of expression and that cooler heads need to come together and meet on even ground to impliment a plan for healing.

I do not agree with the gay life style as it is in direct conflict with Christian faith. However, who am I to judge another. At the same point I believe that God is going to judge this nation on how we are as a society on a whole.

To Christians, marriage is something holy between a man and a woman, sworn in vows before God that is presided over by a servant of God and witnessed by family and friends. If the Gay and lesbian community want to have what they call a meaningful relationship and union then it should not be denied, it just should not be called marriage.

I fear that what we will see eventually is an escalation of hate towards christians and community churches. That we will eventually see the government taking action against the Christian community denying the Christian faithful and their churches the rights to freedom of religion.

As for me I will continue to pray for all on both sides and for this nation that I love.

Rocky Presley said...

This group is peaceful because I know people in it. You see, none of those saying these people where being hateful can actually substantiate any of their claims. No video, no recordings, only the words of people who were truly being hateful towards those in which they disagree. The footage that I have seen is repulsive to the gay community, and I feel sorry for their cause, because people like this will be the end of any "rights" that gay community might want to achieve.

My question is why aren’t homosexuals marching in the predominantly black inner city? It was the black vote that got the measure voted down. They opposed it by 70%, and came out in force to vote for Obama. Irony don't you think? The savior of the homosexual agenda ended up wrecking the whole thing. It was not evangelicals that got Prop 8 defeated.

America is not going to put up with crap like this. We have put up with San Francisco’s ridiculous politics for a long time, but if gays are going to start attacking Christians, then they have a major problem on their hands. Mark my words. Next time there is a peaceful gathering and gays throw hot coffee in their faces and hit them, you can bet there will be a riot. People have a tendency to read articles like this and make sure they are around to defend those people. I am fine being tolerant of the gay lifestyle, but I will not be tolerant of an agenda that targets Christians for violence.