Friday, November 21, 2008

Moving on Up! Obama Girls to Attend Elite Private D.C. School

Barack and Michelle Obama have chosen the Sidwell Friends School, an elite private academy, for their daughters' education in Washington, D.C.

The Politico reports that the decision disappointed public education advocates:

Some education advocates had hoped that the soon-to-be first family would choose to send their daughters to a public school, and some reports suggested that Lafayette Elementary, a high-performing public school, was in the running.
Indeed, research on Layfayette academic success found no difference in the college placement rates between students who attended private or public high schools after leaving Lafayette.

According to the Swamp's story:
... a spokeswoman for Michelle Obama, Katie McCormick Lelyveld, says the Obamas focused on what's the best fit for 10-year-old Malia and 7-year-old Sasha.
I wonder how the Obamas determined what was the "best fit" for their daughters?

Probably not too many crack houses up in the Sidwell neighborhood.

Not only that,
the Obamas' kids will follow an elite alumni, including Chelsea Clinton, Albert Gore III, Julie and Tricia Nixon, Nancy Reagan, and Archibald Roosevelt (son of Theodore), as well as Charlie Gibson of ABC News (and previously Princeton University),

Well, I guess the Obamas, like the Jeffersons, are "
moving on up," hope and change be damned!


JR said...

typical liberal elitism

public school for the plebes!

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks Publius!

Law and Order Teacher said...

How shocking! Do you mean to tell me that BO's kids can't go to a public school? Wow, I guess they don't want them in a public school because they may fail.

AmPowerBlog said...

Ha, that's funny, LOT.

Naw, I think Obama's "hope and change" was just a bunch of bull.

shoprat said...

I guess his girls are too good for the public schools. This would be acceptable if he would support laws making it easier for others to choose private (read better) schools for their children but the teachers' union has no intention of letting that happen. His girls will learn the skills needed to survive while the children of the have-nots will learn self-esteem and that they are the victims of society. If he would support vouchers for private schools then I would say "Good for him." Good schools for the elites like him and lousy schools for the unwashed masses.

AmPowerBlog said...

Shoprat: I doubt he'll do any of those things. Great commments, thanks!

Anonymous said...

You're all pretty low.

What father wouldn't prefer to send his most precious to less than the best that they can get?

The school existed before Obama won the election. Other kids go there. Or is all this not humble enough for the ...ahem.. daughters of the son of a Kenyan, hmmm?

But... they can't go there without your oh-so-righteous displeasure...?
OTHER children can, sure. But THEY can't.
okay. we get it.

Law and Order Teacher said...

Both my children are public school graduates. One is an engineer, the other a teacher. I love public schools. In fact, I teach in one. I believe in public education, unlike BO and the unions. We are here everyday and do our best. Lots of kids learn. Unfortunately, lots of them don't.

repsac3 said...

Elitism, for sure...

But then, how many children of Republican presidents went to public school? How many Republican congressmen send their kids to public school?

As many of the comments at the story linked at HotAir (click: "be damned") say, this is pretty much a non-issue.

JR said...

"Elitism, for sure...

But then, how many children of Republican presidents went to public school? How many Republican congressmen send their kids to public school?

As many of the comments at the story linked at HotAir (click: "be damned") say, this is pretty much a non-issue."

Yeah ... that would be kool except for the facts that it is the GOP who supports education reform and more opportunity for public school children to go to private schools

See ... Republicans will tell you that hell yes they want to send their child to private schools and they support programs that will allow parents to at least pick the school of their choice

While ... democrats continue to pump money to the teacher's unions and the crumbling inner city schools WHILE they send their children to private schools

Do as I say ... not as I do

AmPowerBlog said...

" ... this is pretty much a non-issue ... "

Yep, and hope and change is a non-issue, don't you think, Reppy?

That's, in fact, why this case is so funny. Obama's a fraud.

Maryscott OConnor said...

Yeah. Couldn't have anything to do with wanting the best possible education for them, or the best possible security for the daughters of the first black president.

You unbelievable racists.

Anonymous said...

Moving on up? I get it. The Jeffersons were black, the Obamas are black. You're a racist.

Anonymous said...

yeah, doncha know, all the right wingers, were they in power, would pass out vouchers to all the folks in DC so that everyone could send their kids to a 30K/yr school.

Uh huh...

Law and Order Teacher said...

That is the essence of the argument. He wants the best education for his daughters. That's what most parents want. If it doesn't happen in public schools, so be it. But if you are going to exploit the public schools for votes, you should put your children there for their education. Just a thought. Calling people racist is weak and lame. Both of my children were products of the public schools. They succeeded. Good try.

Anonymous said...

George W. Bush was
"sent" to Phillips Academy in Andover, MA, which is one of the oldest in the nation, attended by only the wealthiest of the blue blood elites!

bluespapa said...

Oh, I get it. "Moving On Up" is like a TV show in which a black family moves into a white neighborhood. Mayhem ensues.

Total hypocracy that somehow conservatives earn their exclusivity, but liberals are elitist.

You guys are sick.

Anonymous said...

"somehow conservatives earn their exclusivity, but liberals are elitist"
Well observed.
"calling people racist is weak and lame"
Not if it's true...

I'm white, went to a public school, have experience in education and some conservative values...
and I say this tirade against Obama sending his daughters to Sidwell Friends School is the pathetic mewlings of a bankrupt Right-wing ideology attacking Obama for absolutely anything - because they've got absolutely nothing really constructive - and they're so mired in the mud of corruption that they don't pull short of having a crack at his children either.

American Power... huh?
yeah real powerful.. little girls aren't off limits

repsac3 said...

Publius: Anon (well, one of 'em) wrote my response already... You folks had six years, and nobody passed out the vouchers, so that the plebes could attend the same schools as the kids of Republican (& Democratic) elected officials. Sure, it may be fun to talk about, but when the power was there, your party did zip about it. (Guess it's better to have the issue to hit folks with than your proposed solution. Guess that'd be "Say much, but do nothing")

Lotta good people working in public schools, and doing what they can to improve them. Ask LOT. Besides, aren't most private schools already overflowing with students? Where are these poorer parents going to be able to spend their vouchers? And what happens to the public schools (& LOT's job) when significant portions of the money--government-redistributed money, apparently--is sucked out of public education & into private schools? And do you really think those who're paying to have their kids in private school want them rubbing shoulders with the masses, on the government's (or their redistributed) dime? Isn't that why they kept their kids out of public school in the first place?

Nero: People like hope & change. They voted for both, & there's a fairly good chance they'll get both. As for education, the Obamas found the best school for the education & safety of their daughters. There is nothing hypocritical about wanting to improve public schools for all Americans, and also sending your kids to a private school, especially given their somewhat unique security concerns. It is a petty argument, that's even being rejected by many of your ideological peers over at hotair.

I was a little taken aback by the Jefferson's reference, too... Colorblind, except when he's not, I guess...