Thursday, February 12, 2009

Boycotting Juan Williams

I'm seeing a pattern here, from the local to the national level, with the increasing intolerance of any speech that's critical of minorities and leftists.

Last night I reported on the backlash against Lloyd Carter, the Fresno activist and state deputy attorney general who suggested that illegal immigrants "turn to lives of crime." As I noted earlier, a great many of them do.

Now today we have a backlash against NPR senior analyst Juan Williams, who is also a contributor to Fox News, for his comments comparing First Lady Michelle Obama to 1960s black nationalist Stokely Charmichael.

This letter to the omsbudsman is particular telling of the left's response to legitimate political commentary and criticism:

I am concerned about the objectivity Juan Williams brings to his news analysis," wrote Alison Fowler. "He has made statements on Fox News regarding Michelle Obama that appear to paint her as an angry Black Nationalist without any basis in fact. Despite the fact that these statements were not made on NPR, they undermine his credibility as an impartial news analyst on your network."
As we've seen when any conservative group expresses an opinion that goes against the prevailing left-wing orthodoxy, outraged leftists demand a boycott:

NPR needs to stop using Juan Williams. When Bill O Reilly has to defend Michelle Obama from Williams' comments he's gone way over the edge. I encourage NPR listeners to boycott NPR until they take action to disassociate themselves from Williams. Don't renew your membership until he's gone.
Some of the comments at NPR are fair to Williams, but it's clear that far-left wing opinion wants to stifle any criticism of the left, its programs, and its entitlement mentality.

Can the "fairness doctrine" be far behind?


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

They can dish it out but they can't take it.

courtneyme109 said...

1st Lady's fans might wanna back off. Critics could exponentially increase their commentary about
1st Lady - just to hear her fans scream.

Anonymous said...

FaceBook has recently banned ads that question the porculus. So I guess 1st Amendment rights are exclusive to liberals, socialists, Marxists and other left-wing folks. Now they want to re-enstate the "fairness" Doctrine. Seems like they preach tolerance but they certainly are intolerant of anyone else's views. Score another one for Marx.

JBW said...

Yes, liberal hypocrisy! No First Amendment rights for us! Porkulus, or Porkenstein, or some other gay little right-wing nickname! Socialists! Marxists! Nihilists! Fairness Doctrine! Come on people, FAIRNESS DOCTRINE! It's coming! You guys crack me up. Thanks for that.

I'll make this declaration: Juan Williams loves fried chicken. A great many of them do. Am I wrong?

Average American said...

I wonder if Michelle asked "Does this dress make me look fat?" because if she didn't, she should have.