Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rush Limbaugh at CPAC - UPDATED!

Here's the live stream of Rush Limbaugh at CPAC:

While listening to him on Fox, I checked around the net, and Digby's going crazy at these "wingnuts."

God, Rush is good, and man does he tell it like it is ... Whoo hoo!

See also, "Romney Picked as 2012 GOP Front-Runner," via Memeorandum.


UPDATE: Fox News has a report, "Limbaugh Rallies Conservatives to Fight Democrats, Find 'Right Candidate'."

Here's a brief video clip of Rush, from Think Progress (they think it's funny):

I'm looking for a copy of the complete speech and will update when it's available.


UPDATE II: Okay, here's part one of the full set of videos at Hot Air: "Limbaugh Brings Down the House at CPAC":

The full transcript is at Limbaugh's page, but see also, "Rush Rouses CPAC Faithful," via Memeorandum.


Anonymous said...

If Rush is so good, why doesn't he run for president? He already has about 10-20 million votes in his pocket.

I'm guessing that the multiple married, former drug addict and sex trafficker Limbaugh may not qualify?

Honestly, he's a hypocrite, a gas bag, and a major liar.

Libby said...

i'm watching this now, and it IS good!
...& yay mitt romney! & glenn beck is as good (ok, almost) as rush is!

Anonymous said...

Gee Tim, you make him sound like a Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous: We all know that Dems and Repubs are human and have been prone to these foibles. Let's not do a tally though, as I think it would be pretty even.

With the Republicans leading in the hypocrisy stakes, they have a slight edge.

Glenn Beck, Mitt Romney...great team. Wow. I would love to see the likes of Jindal and Palin talk too.That would be awesome!

Keep up the good work.

cracker said...


when a party is reduced to being lead by radio personalities (Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity) what is that indicative of?

What is it saying about the actual elected officials within the party,or the party's relevance to reality?....

when members are looking to entertainment mouthpeices for actual leadership!?

It means the party has turned in on itself

whatever it aint good