Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tea Party

Check this out, from Attaturk at Firedoglake:

Tea Party

Now that Rick Santelli has become the darling of the right wing, he has, with the help of the usual cast of Malkins, organized "The Chicago Tea Party". Where the conservative swells can gather and proclaim that those "losers" who are in foreclosure can suck it. Because next to de-winging flies and de-legging daddy longlegs what do they enjoy more than laughing and mocking the unfortunate?
Attaturk missed Rasmussen's poll, "55% Say Government Mortgage Help Rewards Bad Behavior." Especially this part: "Seventy-six percent (76%) of Americans are not willing to pay higher taxes to help people who cannot afford to make their mortgage payments."

See also, "No Tears for These 'Foreclosure Victims'" and "Why It’s Time For A Second Boston Tea Party."


Cartoon Credit: From the comments, from the folks calling for bipartisanship.