Monday, February 16, 2009

"Peaceful, Even Joyful, Protests Against Proposition 8"

This picture shows some of the violent-hooligan "No on H8" protesters who targeted Westwood's Mormon temple on November 6th, following passage of the traditional marriage initiative in California. We indeed find peaceful activists here, of course, but see additional photos of gay mayhem at the Los Angeles Times' slideshow, "Proposition 8 Protests":

Prop 8 Protests

I'm reposting this stuff to counter Andrew Sullivan's meme that last year's gay-rights demonstrations were "peaceful, even joyful." Oh sure, Sullivan's slurring "Christianists" such as Michelle Malkin, et al., while on the streets gay radicals were peppering black passers-by with the "n-word." See, "N-Word Hurled at Blacks During Westwood Prop 8 Protest":

Not that this wasn't expected. The recent passage of California's Proposition 8 has exposed some of the latent racism of many within the LGBT community—instigated in part by many in the e-telligentsia such as revisionist Andrew Sullivan and sex advisor turned sociologist Dan Savage. Unfortunately the "blame the blacks" meme is being commonly accepted by some so-called "progressive" gay activists. A number of Rod 2.0 and Jasmyne Cannick readers report being subjected to taunts, threats and racist abuse at last night's marriage equality rally in Los Angeles.
Christy Hardin Smith's also getting into the act here, denouncing some new issue advertisement out of West Virginia: "Boogah boogah scary gays ooogah boogah ..."

"Scary gays" is putting it mildly. Lock your doors people. The homosexual hills have eyes.


Greywolfe said...

Big surprise. Evil is as Evil does.

Anonymous said...

I have a related post up. Apparently, it has spilled into California class rooms.


Anonymous said...

From the photo: "When do I get to vote on YOUR marriage?"

After you hit the treadmill, toots.

Average American said...

They lost, get over it. Jim, are you saying she's? fat? Four feet to short maybe, but not fat, and UGLY too. Poor gal has 3 reasons to stay in the closet!

Anonymous said...

Fighting H8 with hate. I'm not diggin it.

These things should be a conversation, not an argument.

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