Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Left's BushHitler Double Standard

It's just the beginning, no doubt, but readers will shake their heads at the faux uproar against Michelle Malkin and conservatives at the anti-"swindle us" rally yesterday in Colorado:

Michelle Malkin's got the story, "Nutroots Suddenly Hypersensitive About Nazi/President Comparisons."

Malkin posed for a photo yesterday with an activist holding a "No Obama" sign with a large encircled swastika (
here). ProgressiveNow Colorado immediately went into the attack mode:

ProgressNow Colorado was at today's presser put on by Colorado Republicans and their Big Oil-funded front groups ....

That's noted right-wing shill Michelle Malkin posing with who we've dubbed "Swastika Guy," owing to the sign he carried right onto the stage with State Senator Josh Penry, Congressman Mike Coffman, Colorado GOP Chairman Dick Wadhams, State Senator Dave Schultheis, former Congressman Tom Tancredo, and Independence Institute president Jon Caldara, among others. None of whom did anything about it, and in fact one person defended the guy to one of our people saying that the swastika is not a Nazi symbol, but an honored Native American symbol.
These folks aren't too bright, and even Media Matters piles on the stupidity with its own spin:

Ohhhh, wait a minute. I get it. The man with the sign isn't professing his affinity for Nazis. He isn't even identifying himself as a Nazi. The swastika in question has a circle around it forming an O and the rest of the sign reads "BAMA". Get it? Obama is a Nazi. That's much better. Sigh.
A quick click through to some of the links at Malkin's finds this from Democratic Underground: "'Bushitler' (George W. Bush Comparable to Adolf Hitler)."

I found this jewel at the link: "
The Neocon Pledge to Bushitler":

Those of you who still believe in George W. Bush and his party, please place your right hand over your heart and repeat the following – all eleven of you.

I BELIEVE that President Bush is a good Christian, who is guided by God in all of his decisions – even when God tells him to torture, steal, lie, kill hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, and ignore his own citizens when they are dying in New Orleans ....

I BELIEVE that good Christian values should be part of government – except when it comes to feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, and caring for the sick, in which case Christian values have no place in government at all.

In summary, I BELIEVE everything I am told to believe by people who have lied to me, deceived my country, manipulated the government in order to line their own pockets, eroded my rights, destroyed my freedoms, and wave their ability to get away with it in my face at every opportunity.

I BELIEVE – because I am an idiot who will believe anything.
Leftist double standards at work ...

Keep the pressure on, folks.


cracker said...

So far this year I've seen signs with swastikas proclaiming

Israelis are NAZI's

Neocons are NAZI's

Bush and or Cheney are NAZI's

And now Obama's a NAZI

Make that symbol of heinous horror and atrocity a tool for modern politics you fools......and soon it will be on T-Shirts.....effin idiots

2 cents...... anyone putting a Swastika on a sign for political demonstrations, without having fought in world war II, ....should be ....ahhhh whats the use

repsac3 said...


Not a good idea, no matter who whips out the Nazi/Hitler references. (Some might say the same about Communist/Stalin references, but there are times a ban on those things'd leave our fair host with nothing to say...)

Some references just make folks look stupid.

Anonymous said...

Question to people: Bush came into power with a budget surplus and a favorable economic outlook, he implemented an economic and budgetary policy generating huge deficits (8 trillions in 2005, going up to more than 10 trillions in 2008). Yet that seemed fine to everyone. No claim whatsoever that he was staking the life of future generations.

Obama comes into power in the economic situation we know, in which a deficit is anything but inevitable. Yet, suddenly, spending more than we earn suddenly becomes dangerous, immoral and irresponsible (i.e. under the Bush administration, we were even told that being in debt was a good thing).

Now, can I ask you how you square this.

Now I agree fully with the previous posters. All this people, from left or right, proclaiming the other sides are nazis are just ridiculous. Frankly, if they truly believe that the US political body can be perverted in such a way, they are american of very little faith.

shoprat said...

Turn about is fair play, or so I've been told. Sadly the word Nazi, like Fascist is treated as a political epitaph rather than a real word with a real meaning.

True definitions

Nazi A socialist system where everything is directed to benefit the Aryan race at the expense of all others.

Fascist A system where the state micromanages the economy and general life for the benefit of the state.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I didn't agree with those referring to Bush as Hitler. But, whatever. People in the US are free to say any stupid thing they want, almost. As for me, I believe in Godwin.

That being said, isn't it also hypocrisy to get one's boxers in a bunch over Bush being compared to Hitler and then say it's OK that Obama is.

Anyway, DD, you'll be happy to know that you and Cernig are on the same side.

Rich Casebolt said...

sekant, the reason many of us went easy on Mr. Bush was because from where we stood, the most likely alternatives to him would be even more corrosive to life and liberty.

The events of the past three weeks are validating that judgment ... for while there were many things he didn't get right, it is quite evident that there are many things his opposition doesn't get at all.

The rollback of welfare reform is the bellwhether ... it's not change ... but change BACK.

Tom the Redhunter said...

sekant seems to think that we on the right were happy with Bush's massive spending.

How ignorant.

Anyone who has followed the right knows how upset we were with him throughout his presidency on the matter. We supported him because of he war and that the Democrat alternative was worse.

Anonymous said...

The real issue went sailing over your head--not that I'm surprised. The difference is that Malkin sets herself up as a prominent voice of the right, and gets touted as such by her friends in the corporate media, and she's having her picture taken with a guy who is making the Obama-Nazi comparison. But the people on the left who made the comparison between Hitler and Bush were fringe elements, and were slapped down by the mainstream left on multiple occasions.

Now, if you want to admit that Malkin = Democratic Underground, I'll go with that--neither side is bereft of crazies with no sense of proportion. But I doubt that's what you really want to do.