Friday, February 20, 2009

Worst Case Scenario? Preparing for Anarchy in America

I just watched Glenn Beck's show on Fox News. He's been doing a series of broadcasts on impending, all-out social breakdown, and he asks, "Our government thinks it needs to be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Why would it be crazy for you to want the same thing?"

Here's the

That's the conclusion to the episode.

At the introduction he's talking about at the total collapse of the United States by 2014. All banks have been nationalized. Business and unions are run by the government. 50 million people are unemployed worldwide, and countries have collapsed. Mexico has been taken over by narco-terrorists. He even had to run a disclaimer at the beginning of the show, lest people think this was like "War of the Worlds."

The funny thing is that I just went out to lunch with a former student of mine and we were discussing this exact same thing.

I mentioned what I saw as frightening left-wing craziness and moral breakdown across the land, and I said off-hand that we needed to dig in our heels and fight the Obama hordes who are nationalizing everything. I suggested that we could have Democrats in power for two terms or more, and the total breakdown of society wasn't that far-fetched. Oh sure, we'd still have constitutional democracy, but America would be different: Abortion on demand, marriage abolished in favor of a civil-union smorgasbord, our military downsized and hollowed out, backed by unconditional diplomacy with our enemies from Caracas to Southern Lebanon to Tehran. Multiculturalism takes over the schools with conservatism and traditional speech prohibited under a new regime of "hate crimes" legislation (which is starting to happen now, for example, UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center, "Hate Speech on Commercial Talk Radio").

My friend said he was thinking about buying a little house out in Montana or somewhere so he'd have a retreat for his family if the country erupted into Katrina-like anarchy on a national scale. He mentioned that California is expecting a Biblical-level earthquake at any time, and our state government is totally incompetent. He wants to be ready.

I spoke with another friend about this, and here's a snippet of what her family has been doing amid real concerns of American anarchy:

I think that there is going to be a serious shortage of food, and personally, we have been buying food for storage for the past few months, and will continue to do so.

Besides the food, we are stocking up on many other essentials ... like over-the-counter meds, and first aid supplies. We are stocking multi-vitamins and minerals, allergy meds, ibuprophen, etc. We are in town, which concerns me, but there is not much that we can do about that, now. As things progress, there are going to be roaming gangs of people, taking whatever they can get from anyone who has anything.

Up until last year, we never owned any kind of weapon, and now we have five. I don't know if you are aware of this, or not, but it is getting harder and harder to buy ammo..stores are selling out as quickly as they get it in ... and the price is going up by the week. Food prices are increasing rapidly. We are very aware of it ... Even in those stores, some items have increased as much as a dollar or more on some items.

I have a friend who was a teacher in Texas, who moved his entire family to Idaho, and built a home in the mountains, and has been stocking it for a long time. Another friend is on a mountain, outside of Atlanta, and he has made his home like a fortress.
So, let's think about Glenn Beck's hypothetical question, "Would it be crazy for us to prepare for a worst-case scenario"?

I don't really think so, although look at how easy it is for
extreme left-wing blogger Dave Neiwert to smear Glenn Beck as an apocalyptic crackpot. I'm sure the prospect of conservative annihilation warms his heart.

Things are seriously out of whack in this country. My basic sense is that the economy will work its way out of recession in the next year or two. Companies will start hiring and investing, the housing market should bottom-out before too long (on its own, via the price mechanism and the shake out in toxic mortgages), and the Republican Party will emerge out of its current funk to offer up a credible - and potentially sensational - challenger to the White House in 2012.

That said, a possible two-terms of Barack Obama, and perhaps another Democratic administration after that, will leave a legacy of increasing socialization and social-leveling, while a growing moral decay sweeps across the land among the "multi-culti" constituencies of the Democratic Party establishment.

It is no wonder why regular Americans are making preparations for some type of end-times scenario. Taking into consideration what has happened in Washington this past couple of weeks, who can second guess them?


cracker said...

Check it out

Up here in the NW. we have community action plans for the very scenarios you speak.....its approached civic mindedly though....

From extended power outage contingencies to resourcing for fuel scarcity programs to district security watches (in tandem with local police) to local food gathering and distribution...and medical

its pretty cool, seriously, its not "End Times" Crapola....its simply communities preparing for for hard times in an intelligent, useful and civic minded way .....

Professor.....dont let that Road Warrior Bull sugar get the best of your common sense....

Seriously check and see if you have a local Civil Defense Program and then VOLUNTEER. Dont be afraid to take responsibility and build the courage to contribute....instead of jumping ship, or running willy nilly off into the woods.

Leave the Paranoid Rambo Family wannabe's out in the sticks (where they can shoot each other instead of innocent bystanders).


AmPowerBlog said...

Cracker: This is a leftist thing, this potential anarchny, in my opinion, and many people are taking this very seriosly, as you can see.

PRH said...

Beck has been way ahead of the game for a couple of years now. He drives the nutty left more so...the show was well put together, who knows how close we will come to the "Worst Case", but nothing wrong with putting it out for folks to see and comment on.

The loser left will never get it, as long as their heads are planted firmly up the Messiah's arse.

cracker said...

A gift to you Professor...

A favorite quote from an American playwright...

"Anarchy, a tool, used by the authorities, to get rid of N'er do wells, like yourself...."

I think it was Tennessee Williams...

AmPowerBlog said...

Thanks for visiting, Pat!

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

You know sir, at first blush it's easy to dismiss those who may be motivated for preparation as merely apocalyptical moonbats requiring a tinfoil refit. However, at my advanced age, I am more inclined to fit into this category than any other. At 60, educated, BA in english and communications studies (hoped for an entire career in radio many years ago) and a recent Masters in emergency services (applicable to my job in law enforcement), I am yet and still of the opinion that we are about to witness a true landslide of biblical proportions.

I've lived 75 miles away from my job since 1993. I live at the 4,000-foot level in the Sierra Nevada mountains where most people know me in town, the Postmaster knows me, the store owner knows me, I can run a tab if I wish (but I don't wish), and I can leave the keys in my car on Main Street all day. I frequently leave my car running when I go for mail at the post office, or to pick up items in the store. Everyone in town knows, essentially, that everyone else is armed. Resultingly, it is predominantly a polite town. I've carried for years, due to my job. I was the recent Rangemaster for my 2,500+ officer department. I have long guns, handguns, a shotgun. I have requisite ammunition.

Given the current course of events as I've documented here and here, I am of the opinion that protests, marches, organizational resistance and then possible violent insurrection are likely in our future.

I can tell you that, by that time, I shall be retired and likely standing against the government that, as an active officer, I swore to uphold. My guns are mine. I bought them, lawfully. My ammunition is mine, I bought it lawfully. My thoughts and writings are mine, I hold them in my heart. My philosophy is mine, I've developed it over five decades. My religious beliefs are mine, I've seen them upheld in the world. My sense of history is mine, I still have a memory and am not subject to convenient Liberal Historical Alzheimers.

Gird thy loins, Americans. You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Mad cow. Denny Crane.


Tapline said...

DD, I also watched Glen Beck and do nightly. His audience hss some of the same concerns that I have. I have no redress with my elected Reps. Curently as far as I can desern they are for Universal Health Care, which means that if I need Open Heart Surgery at age 75, I probably will not be able to get it because approval will be coming from Whomever has my medical Record, in the Government HHS to make the determination that I am too old and do not make contributions to society, therefore I can die....(peacefully of course). I'm probably stretching it but I don't think so.....stay well.....(I worked all my life to have to worry about this s...t......OH!!!great post....

Norm said...

Beck's job is to get ratings for his network. If he can do so by pushing your panic button, so be it. Sorry to tell everyone that we have something called the economic cycle.
It goes up and down like a horse on the merry-go-round.

Hate to tell you folks that we had
a much worse economic situation in the latter half of the 1970's and early 1980's. We had a very high inflation rate and interest rates were raised to halt inflation. The high interest rates also killed the economy, except for retirees who loved it.

I got a bargain rate, no kidding, on my first mortgage: 15.5%. That was a point and half below the standard rate. Date: 1981. As mortgage rates dropped, I remember being so excited at getting...get this...7.5%

It was nearly impossible to borrow money for business.

We will work through this situation, even with a President Obama, who is economically clueless.

Anonymous said...

It took guts for Santelli to speak the truth knowing that he was sure to catch heat from his liberal network. My hat's off to you Santelli...Way to go! I'll join your tea party any day. Obama-bin-lyin' and someone finally had the courage to say what none of his coolaide drinking collegues would dare to.

Anonymous said...

Things like this never happen until they happen.

The fact that such things have happened in the past in similar circumstances in no way means it is possible for such a thing to happen.

Dave said...

Professor Douglass,

I think both you and Mr. Beck are on to something here. As much as I want to hope we are not headed for a societal breakdown of some kind, that doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with being prepared for one.

It is becoming more apparent as each day passes that the recently elected administration in Washington is absolutely clueless about what truly needs to be done to turn this economy around.

They appear to be making the exact same mistakes that the Roosevelt administration did, and I fear we are headed for a similar outcome.

The difference is, this time we are going to land in the economic gutter with a practically bankrupt federal treasury.

That cannot be a good thing.


Anonymous said...

A few thoughts. The Democrats are in power and will drive to pursue and complete their agenda as fast and recklessly as possible.

Obama is on the road to nationalize the car companies and banks and that will lower the barriers to nationalize other important industries such as oil companies.

Minority blacks that have been inculculated with the idea they are victims and owed by the whites will push for positions of power and like other black control cities will deteriorate like Atlanta under Young, DC under Barry.

Gangs and criminal class will continue to prey on the easy targets like their own undefended brethern in the poor areas and the whites will continue to enclave in secure gated communities.

Over 10 going on 27 states are adopting 10th amendment resolutions which is a warning to the federal government not to overstep, yet the blind Pelos / Obama will charge ahead creating a revolt by states.

Mexico on the border will explode and refugees will run across the border to flee the lawlessness. Border landowners will take action. Militias will form and the border states will back this since the federal government failed in its obligation to secure our southern border.

The reckless spending will result in inflation.

The continuing socialization and restrictions on day to day freedom and perceived attacks on gun rights will drive revolts. Just the last week the mass protests about porkulous and Santelli rant have struck a nerve that is also repeated in states leglislatures with the 10th amendment resolutions.

Now this may settle down but with the recession and other countires restive adventurism will cause problems.

America is overstretched with the debt from Bush trying to stave this severe downturn that should have started in 2001 from the 9/11 attacks. But instead we were encouaged to spend and a bubble economy resulted. It worked for a while but the ponzi schemes are failing.

So Beck's scary scenarios have some possibilities but like a rubber band America has a tendency to snap back and this overreach will be corrected. Hopefully that will happen in 2010. But The GOP may also clueless and make the same errors.

Anonymous said...

To Denny Crane ... Ditto - You have expressed my sentiments precisely. PJ

"I can tell you that, by that time, I shall be retired and likely standing against the government that, as an active officer, I swore to uphold. My guns are mine. I bought them, lawfully. My ammunition is mine, I bought it lawfully. My thoughts and writings are mine, I hold them in my heart. My philosophy is mine, I've developed it over five decades. My religious beliefs are mine, I've seen them upheld in the world. My sense of history is mine, I still have a memory and am not subject to convenient Liberal Historical Alzheimers.

Gird thy loins, Americans. You ain't seen nothin' yet"

Anonymous said...

There is no fear of a complete social breakdown when you are on the bottom already. If you fear losing the things you have because of socialism or anarchy, then you obviously fear the inevitable.

Anonymous said...

Never would I have thought our country would be where it is today, however I guess a lot of us have been asleep for a long time and let the fox watch over the hen house. I believe we need to be ready for the "Worse Case Scenario" as has been mentioned. Our family is in that process. Best to be prepared the best you can.
Hal in Georgia Praying for our country.

Anonymous said...

I am 20 years old and realize that my life experiences so far are bleak and insignificant in the scope of our world...but i continue to be disappointed after every news broadcast and self-interest bill. It's an experience watching our political, econonmic, and social institutions lie to the people of this country and the world. We are tenants in this nation and more then pay the required amount to be secure and have our rights and freedoms protected. however, taxes are raised, legislation is forced upon us with little or no influence by the people of whom these changes impact, and im tired of politicians pretending to have our best interests in mind but have little problem lying to us, and using our money for their own benefit. I can't even imagine how many secrets and information that are kept from the people of this country. I feel that our worst case scenario would be to continue to allow extremist run our lives and pervert our freedoms. Instead, they need to realize that the country doesn't belong to the selfish, unhonorable hegemon, but to the people of this nation....

Anonymous said...

The Obama administration is not inept or clueless. The Obama administration is a marxist-leninist revolutionary vanguard leading the ungrateful/unwilling towards Utopia.

As history has shown, the road to Utopia takes you and your family into mass graves, gulags, famine and slavery.

Everything they are doing is designed to take America and Americans to their knees. They hate America, their actions are designed to destroy our country so that they can control what America becomes.

Why go quietly? - RM

mahina123 said...

I am nearly of age, and can already tell that all good things must come to and end, and america in many ways has been a good thing. I dont listen to the prophesy's of 2012 of the Rapture, but there's no denying something going to happen..and its going to be bad. I live in the beautiful state of Hawaii and have been watching america from a distance crash and burn. Although Hawaii is an american state, I dont believe it should or should ever been. What are the people in hawaii going to do when the american dollor means nothing? Only the rich and famous will be able to get off this rock! What happends when this becomes reality and all warning defences are down and the Cali earthquake happends? What happends when all the VERY limited reasorces are gone? which they will be within daysss! WE ARE SCREWED! This scares me to death. I have no money, definently no TIME to save money and move somewhere and build up, stock up. AND I cant even consider starting a family now which is what I'v always dreamed of. I feel like America screwed us. America screwed everyone. The people who are in charge and the rich arent even winded by the changes that are going to happen because they're going to have warning. You think they are going to let us know how bad they fu*ked up? There goes humanity.