Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ideological Truth on Obama

Here's this from the comments at Jennifer Rubin's essay this morning, "Obama Removes the Mask" (via Memeorandum):

I never had an ounce of doubt about Obama’s true ideology. He is so far to the left that he has passed liberalism and is speeding toward totalitarianism. He tried posturing centrist during his campaign, but to me it never rang true.

And lo, how he proved it immediately upon taking office. Every word he utters is disengenous. He spouts double meaning and opposing statements that end up nullifying each other. In the end, everything he says is meaningless.

I can’t help shaking my head in puzzlement at the faithful followers who can’t or won’t hear this man’s true persona.

When Michelle Obama said that she was finally proud of her country (upon Obama’s nomination), I knew something wicked this way was coming.

Unlike the hapless residents of Hogwarts, I am more than happy to name the Evil One: Obama. I can only hope the opposing party snaps out of their shock in time to undo the mess he is making.
And just think: The lefties still don't think Obama's gone far enough: "How To Make Ideological Shifts Happen."


I have to confess I'm actually astounded at what's happening to this country. This is more "change" than foretold by even the most dire warnings of conservatives last year.

More later ...