Thursday, February 19, 2009

Far-Left Liberaltarianism

Stephen Green offers a comprehensive analyis of "liberaltarianism" at Pajamas Media.

Recall that I have my problems with this confused ideological position (
here and here), for various reasons. But Green offers a good first-cut objection to liberaltariansim for any person of good moral standing:

There’s a wing of libertarianism so completely isolationist, it was against even toppling the Taliban in direct retaliation for 9/11. Those people probably do belong with the Blame America First, Last, and Always crowd on the far left of the Democratic Party.
I started reading about all of this liberaltarian gobbledigook at Mark Thompson's League of Ordinary Gentlemen. It's clear to me that the shift to liberaltarian positions is simply the path of least resistance to those who are embarrassed by their previous conservative advocacy or a sign of a desire to be on the "hip" side of the current popular culture moment. Either way, all of this is intellectually incoherent and morally bankrupt.

It's made for some great blogging, so I shouldn't complain in that sense.